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Instrument Panel Lights for Subaru Impreza

These dashboard lights provide you with the means of equipping your Subaru Impreza with what it needs to properly illuminate the standard instrumentation panel. These items are available from a wide range of brands, including ACDelco, PARTSam, and WD Express. They can be selected as either direct replacements for the dashboard lights in your specific vehicle or as custom replacements.

What are the bulb types available with these lights?

The bulbs available with these indicator lights can vary depending on which ones you select and can be either LED or incandescent bulbs, which work in different ways to provide you with illumination.

  • LED: These types of bulbs are comprised of a solid semiconductor source that glows when energy is sent to it. As an increasing amount of energy is sent to the bulb, the glow will become stronger and whiter at the same time as the bulb itself is fully dimmable. This type of lighting is designed primarily to provide you with energy efficient bulbs that will continue to work properly for a lengthy period of time. LEDs have a low power consumption and produce hardly any heat when turned on, making them cool to the touch even when in use for many hours. They also come in a small form factor and can display a broad range of colors.
  • Incandescent: These are designed with durable materials and consist of a tungsten filament. They can produce highly accurate colors that appear close to natural sunlight in order to provide a proper glow when in use.
What colors are these warning lights available in?

These dashboard warning lights come in a wide array of different colors, allowing you to illuminate your instrument panel in any way you see fit. Although the most common colors include blue and red, some additional colors available to you with these indicator lights include clear, pink, green, purple, and yellow.

What are these Subaru panel lights used to display?

The dashboard of the Subaru Impreza is designed to display both instrumentation and controls for the operation of the car, telling you such details as when your seat belt is not on or if you are running out of gas. All dashboards include a variety of simple controls that help to highlight the speed that you are driving at, your current oil pressure, and how much fuel is left in the engine.

However, some of these panels can include numerous additional gauges, controls, and information about both climate and entertainment systems. The dashboard lights within the panel may show an odometer, speedometer, and tachometer as well as turn indicators, a seat belt warning light, a warning light about the parking brake, and lights that help to indicate an engine malfunction. By placing the right bulbs into your dashboard, you will know when one of these systems is working incorrectly or when you need to place more fuel into your tank.