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Interior Lights for Buick LeSabre

Interior Lights for Buick LeSabre

Make sure that you can see all the action taking place inside your Buick with fully operational interior lighting. Though the types of bulbs and fixtures required for your LeSabre vary with the model and year, this collection contains everything you need to maintain or replace the various lights that stud the interior of your sedan. Go over the following options and select the lights that complement the classic style of your Buick LeSabre.

What types of Buick LeSabre interior lights are available?

Though chances are that your LeSabre is currently equipped with incandescent bulbs, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are also available. Incandescent bulbs are the conventional choice and consist of a metallic filament that lights up when electrified. The filament is contained in a glass casing and is connected to the wiring of your vehicle through a conductive base. These types of bulbs last about 2,000 hours. LEDs are the energy-efficient option and are composed of various semiconductor materials. Usually arranged in a grid, these tiny diodes take up very little space and stay cool while in operation. LED lights are rated to last 50,000 hours, which means you could conceivably leave a diode lit for 5.7 years before risking burnout.

Where are the interior lights located in a Buick LeSabre?

While the exact locations of the interior lights in your Buick LeSabre may vary, every vehicle model contains a dome light located between the driver and passenger seats. You’ll generally find a set of map lights located in the center of the ceiling near the windshield of your car. Some models also have rear lights connected to the roof as well as lights in the door panels called courtesy lamps. All of these lights are prone to burnout and should be checked regularly.

How do you install a Buick LeSabre dome light bulb?

Replacing the bulb in the dome light in your Buick LeSabre sedan is easy and generally takes about 10 minutes. Equip yourself with a flat-bladed tool like a flathead screwdriver, and follow these simple instructions to remove the old bulb:

  • Turn off the cars engine and remove the negative battery terminal from the 12v starter battery to avoid blowing a fuse.
  • Locate the dome light in the ceiling of your Buick. This interior light is usually held in place with plastic clips; however, you may also need to remove some screws.
  • Use the flat-bladed tool to gently pry the plastic cover off of the dome light assembly. Set the cover aside and remove the bulb from the socket by pulling it out by the base. Do not pull the bulb by the housing as the glass may shatter.
  • Insert a fresh bulb into the socket and replace the dome light cover by firmly pressing it into place.