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Subaru WRX Interior Lights

Subaru WRX interior light options include standard base lights, strips, tubes, strobes, and switches. They each serve a slightly different purpose inside the car. Different types of bulbs can be utilized to power each of these lighting options whether in the front or rear of the inside of the vehicle.

What are qualities of standard lighting?

Standard lights for the Subaru WRX refer to the bulbs above the console in between the driver’s and passenger’s seats at the front of the car. There are also bulbs installed in the ceiling in many WRX models that illuminate automatically when the car is turned off or a door opens. These are designed to illuminate the cab for visibility especially during night time or in areas with low light.

What are strip lights?

Subaru WRX strips are plastic cords that have bulbs spaced evenly roughly every inch. Strip lights come in all sorts of different colors and several different sizes, meaning different cord thicknesses. These can be installed in a wide variety of places inside the Subaru WRX and cut to fit almost any size. Sides of seats, floor spaces, and insides of doors are common places for strip lighting.

What does tube lighting entail?

Subaru tube lighting is very similar to strip lighting, except that the glow is continuous and consistent down the entire length of the tube rather than being separated into individual bulbs. These mimic neon lighting. They also come in a variety of different colors, from white to neon choices. These tubes options can also be cut to lots of different lengths to accommodate different spaces inside the car’s cab.

What are some qualities of strobe lighting?

WRX strobe lights are common among first responders like police, firefighters, tow trucks, and paramedics. They can be installed near the windshield or the back window in order to be as visible as possible to other drivers. Blue, white, red, and orange are the more common strobe colors. Police typically use all four, while volunteer firefighters utilize blue and tow trucks use orange.

What sorts of switches are available?

Switches on the WRX dashboard with different illuminated images also require bulbs underneath. Heating, cooling, radio, and specialized knobs all use cutouts and images to depict the particular function of each switch. Different switches can be substituted to change the look of the dashboard and alter it to the driver’s aesthetic specifications.

What types of bulbs are utilized?

LED, halogen, and incandescent lights are available to power the Subaru WRX’s interior lighting. LED bulbs are relatively small and energy efficient; they do not take a lot of power to run. They also tend to last for a long time. Halogen bulbs burn brightly like LEDs and use a capsule in the middle to house the filament. Incandescents burn more of a yellow hue and are considered traditional bulbs.