JL Audio 10 pulgadas COCHE Subwoofer

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JL Audio 10-inch Car Subwoofer

Expanding your cars audio system by adding or upgrading your subwoofer can significantly enhance your vehicles audio broadcasting capabilities. A subwoofer is a specialized speaker that is responsible for producing the low end of the sound spectrum, which includes the bass. A JL Audio subwoofer helps with audio clarity.

Why does your car need a subwoofer?

Unlike sound systems that are intended for use at home, the speakers in your car have to fit into a confined space. This means they need to be small and compact, which challenges their ability to play accurately and with sufficient volume. The problem is especially pronounced for bass notes because bass tones require a larger space and cabinet to reproduce well. Adding one or more JL subwoofers solves this problem. The subs are specially designed to fit into a car and still perform well, and they provide enough room for excellent bass. When people think about bass audio in cars, the first thing that comes to mind is usually that loud, booming sound that comes from turning the volume all the way up, but subs are more about enhancing the overall quality of the low end.

How does a subwoofer improve your overall audio performance?

A sub has a variety of uses, such as providing support for your other units. It takes the burden of playing bass notes away from the rest of the system. This is valuable because bass notes are more difficult to project than midrange or treble notes, so it relieves the stress that the regular loudspeakers have to handle. Specifically, when a loudspeaker is pushed past its limits, it can start to vibrate, which creates distortion in the sound as well as slowly damages the speakers inner workings. Having a dedicated 10-inch subwoofer translates to increased longevity for your cars sound system.

What is an active speaker?

There are a number of differences between powered and active speakers. A non-powered or passive model does not have its own energy source, so it needs to be wired up to an amplifier. On the other hand, an active speaker comes with its own power source. Generally, active subs are lightweight and therefore have less of a negative effect on your cars fuel efficiency, and they also require less work to install. Passive models can be paired with superior amps for better performance. For example, you might want a JL Audio amplifier, but that amp isnt part of a powered set of subwoofers, so you will need to get a passive model and connect them. In short, passive models can be better for flexibility, while active ones are more convenient.

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