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What You Need to Know About JL 12 Subwoofers

Having subwoofers in your vehicle allows you to enjoy your music your way. JL Audio subwoofers allow you to upgrade your vehicle's stereo system. Here are some details you need to know when selecting and installing audio equipment in your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a small subwoofer or a larger, 12-inch subwoofer, JL audio has the sound systems for sale that you need at a price you can afford.

What does a subwoofer for car audio do?

In audio equipment, a woofer is a speaker driver that converts electrical audio signals into audible sound waves. They are found in many consumer products, including home theater equipment and vehicle audio and stereo systems. A vehicle subwoofer or sub is a loudspeaker component that is specifically designed to reproduce low pitch audio frequencies to create bass and sub-bass sounds.

What are the different types of subwoofers available?

  • Component subs: These allow you to build a customized vehicle audio system. To work properly, you'll need to mount it in a subwoofer box and connect it to an external amplifier as the power source. You can select from low- or high-power options as well as various impedance and voice coil configurations.
  • Enclosed subs: These provide a simple solution for those who don't want or need to design a more complicated audio system. They're pre-mounted, so you'll save time building and installing them. An external amp is required to power an enclosed sub.
  • Powered subs: These include an amplifier and the woofer built into a single enclosure. Since you'll only need one piece of equipment, powered subwoofers are easy to install. They are generally smaller than component and enclosed subs, making them a good choice for smaller vehicles or as simple add-ons to enhance a factory-installed audio system.

What determines the size of the audio subwoofer needed?

When choosing a subwoofer for car, size matters, perhaps even more than price. JL Audio subwoofers are available in 8 to 15 inches. Choosing the right size sub depends on several factors, including how much space you have, where you want to install the sub, and how loud you want the sound to be. You can find a variety of sizes, including a 12-inch subwoofer that fits in most vehicles.

If you listen to several musical styles, listen to talk radio, or play video in your vehicle, 12-inch subs offer more flexibility for improving audio tone and quality. See the manufacturer site for details before finding the perfect 12 inch subwoofer for sale.

What features are important when choosing a JL Audio subwoofer?

  • Power handling and sensitivity: Check the RMS power rating and match it to the power output of your amp. Keep in mind that a higher-sensitivity sub requires less power while a low-sensitivity sub will require a higher power output.
  • Frequency range: The average frequency range for audio subs is between 20 Hz and 200 Hz. See the manufacturer site for details. Consider how low you want the sub to play and understand that how the sub is mounted will also affect its performance.
  • Impedance: There are two-ohm, eight-ohm, and most common, four-ohm ratings for audio subs. Be sure to select amps that match the impedance and power level of your sub.
  • Number of voice coils: Single-voice coil subs are the most common. There are also dual-voice coil subs that support more flexibility in wiring your audio system.
  • Quality: While the internal components of the JL audio speaker that you choose is important, you'll also want to think about the outside. Typically, choosing a 19 mm thick material ensures that your speaker's outside works as well as the inside.

Can a subwoofer be added to a factory-installed audio system?

JL Audio subs and amplifiers can be installed alongside your existing audio system without the need to upgrade to your audio system. They work with your vehicle's existing wiring and dashboard controls. You can purchase components to install yourself or have them professionally installed at a car audio shop.

Is the JL Audio 12 inch subwoofer right for you?

The JL Audio 12-inch subwoofer is a powerhouse of low-end sound reproduction, delivering deep and impactful bass that elevates any audio experience. Engineered with precision and craftsmanship, this subwoofer boasts a robust build quality designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or gaming, the JL Audio 12 subwoofer immerses you in rich, room-filling bass, transforming your audio setup into a cinematic powerhouse.

JL Audio 12 Inch Car Subwoofers FAQs

What are JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers?

JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers are high-performance audio drivers designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds with exceptional clarity and impact. They are part of JL Audio's extensive lineup of car audio products renowned for their superior sound quality and reliability.

What are the benefits of using JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers?

JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers deliver deep, powerful bass that enhances the overall audio experience in your vehicle. Their advanced design and construction ensure accurate and distortion-free bass reproduction, making them ideal for music enthusiasts and car audio enthusiasts alike.

What should I consider when choosing JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers?

When selecting JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers, consider features such as power handling, sensitivity, impedance, and enclosure compatibility. Choose a subwoofer model that matches your amplifier's power output and complements your vehicle's audio system for optimal performance.

What type of enclosure is best for JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers?

JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers perform well in various types of enclosures, including bandpass, ported, and sealed enclosures. The choice of enclosure depends on your listening preferences, available space, and desired bass response. Each enclosure type offers distinct advantages in terms of sound quality and output.

Are JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers easy to install?

Yes, JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers are designed for easy installation in most vehicles. Follow the manufacturer's instructions provided with the subwoofer and ensure proper wiring and enclosure placement for optimal performance. It's recommended to consult a professional installer if you're unsure about the installation process.

Do JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers require additional amplification?

Yes, JL Audio 12-inch subwoofers require an external amplifier to power them effectively. Choose an amplifier with an output that matches the power handling capabilities of the subwoofer for optimal performance and reliability. Ensure proper wiring and amplifier settings to prevent damage to the subwoofer and amplifier.

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