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Customize Your Vehicle's Sound with a JL Audio 2 Channel Car Amplifier

A bad stereo system or low-quality parts can ruin the sound of your music. You can always upgrade your audio equipment to get more out of your tunes. JL Audio has a full line of products to improve your audio experience.

Why should you upgrade an audio system in a car?

Every car comes with a factory installed audio system. Car manufacturers often neglect the sound system and, unfortunately, stock products are not made with the highest-quality materials. Your current car speakers may have a tin-like sound, the subwoofer may have little boost, and everything may be underpowered. The good news is that you can replace all of these components with parts from JL Audio.

What does an amplifier do?

An amplifier powers all the other components of your car's audio system. Even a high-quality speaker will sound poor if it is not correctly powered. The same goes for the subwoofer. It needs power from an amp to give it a boost.

What models of amplifiers are available from JL Audio?

Based in Miramar, Florida, JL Audio has been creating car audio products since 1975. They have products available for the home, car, and marine use. JL Audio builds all their car speakers in the United States, and they offer a full range of amps for your car audio system. They are continuously redesigning their products to fit the needs of the customers. The company currently has the following JL Audio 2 channel car amplifier models available:

  • VXi
  • HD
  • Slash v3
  • XDv2
  • RD
  • JX
  • MX
How many channels are needed on an amp?

Your stereo equipment will need a separate channel on the amplifier. This gives each part its own source of power. The car speakers will each need a single channel. If you have four speakers, you will need four channels. The subwoofer can run on a separate channel or share with a speaker. Subwoofers are connected to the mono channel and require less power than a speaker.

What parts can you upgrade in the car audio system?

There are many elements that can be upgraded in the system. Since the standard car speakers do not have a great sound, you can start by upgrading them. The amplifier will add power to the speakers by boosting sound without distortion. It also adds clarity to the music. Finally, you can add a subwoofer. This will give your music a little more depth and add a richer sound to the music. JL Audio has products that you can purchase separately or together as a kit. You can also design your own customized sound system.

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