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Getting To Know All About JL Audio 4-Channel Car Amplifiers

JL Audios very own 4-Channel car amplifiers are an absolute necessity when it comes to constructing the right car audio setup. Whether youre listening to your favorite musical artist or group, or tuning to your favorite sports, news, or talk radio station, an amplifier is a key component in controlling the loudness and clarity of whatever speakers you decide to pair it with. This article answers some questions about these different types of amplifiers used as part of your cars audio system.

What is JL Audio?

JL Audio is an American-based manufacturing company that specializes in car audio products. It also produces marine and home audio products. Since its founding in 1975 by James Birch and Lucio Proni in Miramar, Florida, the company has been hailed as one of the leading innovators in the industry, producing top-of-the-line amps and subwoofer speakers that are used in a number of cars sold around the world. Some of the companys most popular releases include the PowerWedges speaker system, the W7 subwoofer, and the DSP-based CleanSweep. While still producing high-quality subwoofers and other sorts of necessary audio parts, the company continues to thrive in the vehicle audio industry.

How is a 4-channel amp connected to a vehicle?

In order to successfully play audio in a Class D vehicle, an amp must be paired with a pair of speakers. Some speakers are powered, but others require a pre-amp equalizer, which acts as the power source between the amp and the speakers. It is also important to note that when selecting the types of speakers to use in your cars audio system, make sure that they match the impedance (which is always labeled as \"ohms\") of the JL Audio amp and the correct amount of watts RMS as well. By connecting the speaker/subwoofer with the correct gauge wire, you can fully enjoy listening to music via your cars newly completed audio system. Make sure that the gauge wires can hold the correct amount of wattage as well.

What are the key features of a JL Audio amp?

JLs line of these products has its own unique features that contribute to making the listening experience in a car that much more enjoyable. Some of the features in these devices include:

  • Low-pass filter for clear and concise bass
  • 20 Hz to 20 Khz noise bandwidth
  • High frequency response
  • Compatibility with car stereos
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