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JL Audio Car Subwoofers

Choosing the right JL audio car subwoofers for your vehicle can drastically improve the quality of audio playback and the overall listening experience. These units were constructed to perform in a manner that is suitable for both casual and professional systems. JL offers subwoofer options to cover a variety of situations and determining the right one falls to preferences in taste.

What types of subwoofers are available?

Generally speaking, a unit can be chosen based on a number of different criteria. These include the following:

  • Size: Typically between 8 and 12 inches
  • Enclosure: Varying based on power supply, build, and whether it's enclosed or not
  • Shape: Including round, square, or triangle

Different setups of these types will produce varying results. Expect the more sensitive woofers as well as the larger ones to be louder and to produce deeper bass. Many combinations, however, work well.

How much power will the subwoofer need?

Power requirements depend on the unit that is chosen. Most come with a recommended power range that is typically measured in watts. The amp must match the wattage. If the amplifier paired with the unit provides slightly higher wattage, then the system will usually be able to produce better bass. In addition, an awareness about how often the music being played reaches the JL woofer’s limits should be observed. As long as the volume is controlled, playing loud music won't affect the unit or the necessary power needs.

How do you know your amp matches the subwoofer?

The most important factor in matching the amp with the subwoofer lies in the impedance. This is what an amplifier reads as the output from the subwoofer. It’s measured in ohms and the amp needs to be able to handle whatever amount of ohms the unit produces. The same is true of the wattage load. When the two measurements are compatible, the amp will be able to support the car audio.

Does a JL Audio subwoofer need an enclosure box?

These boxes both protect the drivers and improve its bass output, so buying a good one with the subwoofer is important. Depending on what the music needs to sound like, there are a few builds to choose from. Among these are:

  • Sealed: Provides clean sound while being compact
  • Ported: Loud. Also boosts the bass depth
  • Bandpass: Delivers big size and hard-hitting audio to match

You can find JL subwoofers with or without included boxes. The right one enables the unit to play audio clearly and keeps water, dust, and other elements out. Free-air, or unenclosed, subwoofers are the exception. These save space by using the rear deck or trunk as their enclosures.