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Jordan Slippers for Men

Nike Air Jordan slippers for men are a style of men's slip-on shoes that are designed for casual wear. The Nike slip-on shoes feature the Air Jordan silhouette on the top of the foot strap. These men's Jordan slippers are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

What materials are Nike Jordan slippers for men made from?
  • Natural rubber: The outer sole of the Nike Air Jordan slippers for men is typically made of natural rubber. The rubber on these slides is designed to provide anti-slip properties. The rubber on the shoes also has a tread for traction while walking on wet or slippery surfaces.
  • Synthetic rubber: Synthetic rubber comprises the foot bed of the Jordan men's slippers. It is typically designed in a molded way intended to provide arch support. Some of the slip-on shoes feature textured or nubbed areas that are made from molded synthetic rubber.
  • Leather: The strap of the Nike slippers that fits over the foot may be made of leather. Leather is designed to be resistant to moisture for walking outdoors in the shoes or if the feet are wet while wearing the shoes.
What are some features of Nike Jordan slippers for men?
  • Hook and loop tape strap: The strap that goes across the top of the slip-on Nike Air Jordan shoes features hook and loop tape. The hook and loop tape on the slides can be adjusted to fit different widths of a foot.
  • Non-marking outer sole: The outer sole of the Nike slides is designed so that it doesn't leave marks on the floor, including when the shoes are worn on a linoleum or tile floor.
  • Range of colors: Select from red, white, black, and others for these Nike slip-on shoes. The foot strap, foot bed, and outer sole of the slip-on shoes may each be made from a different color. The Nike Air Jordan logo is sometimes printed in a contrasting color intended to provide enhanced visibility. The side view of the sole of the slides may be a different color than the bottom of the sole as well.
How do you choose a size of Jordan men's slippers?

Nike Air Jordan men's slippers are available in sizes 8 to 15 and in regular and wide widths. To measure your feet for these slip-on shoes, use a tape measure with markings in inches. If you plan to wear the Nike slides with socks on, put socks on your feet when you take your measurements. Measure from the end of your longest toe to the back of your heel. Multiply the number by 3 and subtract 24. If your measurement is between sizes, it is recommended to choose the larger size of slides.