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Nike Air Jordans for Women FAQ

What were the first Nike Air Jordans for Women?

Nike Jordan 1 sneakers for women didn't debut at the same time as the men's version of the sneaker. The first women's Jordan was released in 1998 as the Air Jordan OG, inspired by the Air Jordan 13. It was rereleased in 2020 and featured the original White Black colorway.

What are the main design elements of Jordan sneakers for women?

The Jordan sneakers for women feature a wide range of special design elements that help to make them both practical and comfortable. They can be found with two different logos: the Swoosh and the Wings. Wearers will also find the patented Nike Air system that provides an extra layer of cushioning.

What are the featured colorways of Nike Air Jordans for Women?

These Jordan athletic shoes for women come with a variety of highly distinctive colorways. Some are the same as those found on men's Jordans, while others are totally unique. These include the Lucky Green, Satin Red, Sisterhood blue, and Cactus Flower pink shades.

Are the women’s Nike Air Jordan shoes designed for basketball?

Nike Air Jordan sneakers for women are primarily designed for use on the basketball court, featuring leather uppers with suede overlays for durability and rubber outsoles that aid in traction. However, they can also be enjoyed as a comfortable lifestyle shoe.

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