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KLH Vintage Radios

There are a number of leading manufacturers of vintage radios in America and around the world that began producing radios in the early 1930s. KLH is a vintage brand that was established in the 1950s and still makes audio components today. If you are looking for a vintage pair of speakers or radio receiver, knowing how to identify and care for your radio components is essential.

How do you identify a vintage KLH model radio?

Radios and speakers produced by the KLH brand have a distinctive look. If you are trying to identify one of these components, here are some things you can look for:

  • Most KLH models have wood cabinets and feature grills in black, white, and tan. Knobs and buttons are black or white for the smaller shelf models.
  • A vintage KLH will also have an identifying sticker or plate located on the back or underside of the model. This sticker or plate will provide you with the model name, serial number, and what components are compatible, such as specific receivers or pairs of speakers.
How do you clean vintage KLH radios and speakers?

As with all vintage electronics, it is important to keep the radio model clean from dust and dirt if you want it to work properly.

  • Any vintage pair or speakers or radio that has a wooden cabinet should be cared for like any other wood furniture. You can use a dust cloth and wood cleaning products to keep it looking nice.
  • The interior radio components can be cleaned carefully with a small, dry paintbrush to remove dust and loose dirt from the inside of the cabinet.
  • Do not remove individual vintage components for cleaning unless you are already skilled in building and rebuilding audio electronics. If you are taking the radio apart, make sure to unplug the radio and its components from the wall.
Can you pair KLH audio equipment with other brands?

Because of the way many vintage speaker models were manufactured, KLH audio equipment can be used with components from other radio brands.

  • Make sure the connections for each radio, speaker, and receiver component are compatible before connecting everything together.
  • If you are using vintage components from different brands, use an SPL meter to balance all the speakers on the system. Otherwise, any of the speakers that work more efficiently than the others will overpower the sound coming from the rest of the components, making the sound seem uneven.
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