Deciding on a Camping or Hiking Cot?

No matter how much you love getting away to the great outdoors, sleeping directly on the ground is not always fun, no matter how good your sleeping bag is. If you are already an experienced camper, this you will know! You can find off-the-ground portable cots that fit inside your tent, or you can combine a cot with a built-in tent overhead that will keep you high and dry while youre out enjoying the night sky.

What Are Tent Cots?

Tent cots from Kamp-Rite are an innovative multi-functional and design that give you a tent and sleeping cot in one. They have the added bonus of being able to adjust them into a lounge chair during the day. Key points are: 

  • Sizes: Tent cots range in size from a smaller kids model kids that can work for sleepovers and as a play huts. They have compact and standard singles, or double tent cots to sleep one or two. Their oversized model has a little more head room and cot width for you and your gear. 
  • Materials: Heavy-duty powder coated aluminum frames, nylon fabric, and corrosion resistant zippers, clips, and buckles are used. Noseeum mesh makes the windows to prevent small insects flying in. 
  • Raised Heights: The elevation of the tent cots are a minimum of 11 inches off the ground. This means no more lying on damp ground, or on any sticks and stones that may bruise your bones. 
  • Standard Inclusions: A heavy duty carry bag for transporting your tent cot and keeping it safe in storage is included with all new tents. These are also available separately. Tent cots also have a fitted waterproof rain fly for placing over your tent in wet weather for extra protection. 
  • Optional Accessories: Gear storage bags are an optional extra to clip and attach extra gear underneath your tent cot.

Does Kamp-Rite Make Standard Cots? 

Stand-alone standard style cots for camping in a traditional style ground tent, or to have in the house for sleepovers or when unexpected guests stop by, include: 

  • Folding: Single, double and oversize cots made from washable bases, with lightweight but sturdy aluminum legs. 
  • Military Style: Heavy duty polyester fabric on aircraft gauge aluminum scissor folding legs. 
  • Economy/Compact: Smaller and lower to the ground, these cots are great for taking to the beach, or short overnight stays.

All new cots come with a standard heavy study carry bag for storage and transportation.

What Other Camping Equipment Does the Brand Make?

Other camping gear and equipment made by this brand to make the most of outdoor adventures include: 

  • Self-inflating mattress and self-inflating pads in single and double sizes
  • Sleeping bags for different climates and temperatures
  • Chairs
  • Hammocks
  • Tables
  • Pillows, blankets and cot pads
  • Kitchen pantry
  • Cook and prep tables
  • Cooler bags and insulated bags.

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