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How to Use a Kodak Carousel Slide Tray

Slides were a top choice for decades in the mid-1900s and the ability to view pictures from old slides can be invaluable. However, viewing these images without the proper tools can be difficult. Kodak 80 Slide Tray Carousels allow you to store your slides safely and prepare them for easy viewing.

Are carousel slide trays a standard size for all projectors?

Kodak slide tray carousels are compatible with most projectors, but before you invest in any equipment, you will want to check both to ensure compatibility. If you already have both a carousel and a projector, you will notice that the carousel tray has a "tray index bar" that indicates the separation between the first and last slide in the tray. The tray index bar needs to be aligned at the front of the projector. Always take care not to force any slide tray onto a projector. Kodak slide trays are manufactured to store standard 2-inch x 2-inch slides. These square slides will fit into the slots of the slide tray regardless of image orientation.

How do you load slides into the carousel slide tray?
  • Step 1: Remove the center ring from the top of the slide tray by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Step 2: Load one slide per slot. If available, the pre-printed number should be visible at the top of the slide. The dull side of the slide should be facing toward the previous slot (e.g., slide 3's dull side should face slide 2).
  • Step 3: When all slides are loaded, replace the center ring and turn it clockwise to lock the ring and keep the slides secure in the slide tray.
  • Step 4: Remember to never double slides in the slots on a carousel. Doubling up could cause slides to jam and ruin the slide, equipment, or both.
What are the standard specifications for carousel slide trays?

The standard number of slides that can fit in a slide tray is 80 2-inch x 2-inch slides. This is also the standard for most projector compatibility specifications. However, some slide trays also offer the capacity to hold 140 slides. Slide trays are designed to allow for the projection of whatever image is held in the 2-inch x 2-inch standard size slide mount regardless of orientation or image size. For example, slides may have been processed vertically or horizontally and in sizes ranging from 13mm x 17mm to 46mm x 46mm. The important measurement of a slide is the 2-inch x 2-inch mount size.