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L.L. Bean Men's Leather Slippers

L.L. Bean carries an array of shoes and slippers for men. From moccasins to chukkas to scuffs, many of their slippers are crafted from leather. Learn about the many styles of slippers in this collection through the following questions and answers to help you choose the right shoes.

What are the parts of an L.L. Bean men's slipper?

L.L. Bean manufactures shoes and slippers that are built for daily use. The typical L.L. Bean consists of the following:

  • Slipper uppers: The foot uppers of their men's slippers are fashioned from materials including sheepskin, moosehide, elk hide, and bison. When choosing a slipper color, you will find uppers in a variety of earth tones ranging from rich dark brown to light beige as well as gray.
  • Slipper linings: Many of L.L. Bean's slippers for men are lined with soft natural shearling wool, which is dyed and treated. Other slipper linings include smooth leather, plush fleece, and plaid flannel.
  • Slipper soles: L.L. Bean's men's slippers feature several types of soles, including full-grain leather and molded rubber. Leather, suede, and flexible crepe soles are generally intended for indoor use. Thicker rubber soles can also be worn outdoors and have grooved or textured bottoms.
  • Laces and other detail work: Many of L.L. Bean's men's slippers feature detailing, including stitching, contrasting trim, and rawhide laces.
How do you clean your L.L. Bean slippers?

To prevent staining, it is advisable to treat your men's slippers with water and stain-resistant spray designed for the treatment of leather shoes. This protects against dirt, dust, and food and drink spills as well as weather-related marks and stains. Even if you pretreat your slippers, you might want to freshen them up periodically with a simple cleaning.

  • Brush away dirt: Using a toothbrush, baby brush, or suede brush, gently brush the uppers to loosen and remove dirt and dust.
  • Treat stains: With a damp cloth and a mixture of water and baby shampoo, gently rub at any stains or other trouble spots on the item. Rinse out your cloth, and go over the area again with clean water to rinse.
  • Clean the slipper's interior: Take your cloth and baby shampoo mixture and rub lightly on the inside of your slippers. Rinse your cloth and rub at the lining again using only clean water.
  • Allow them to dry: Set your house shoes out to dry, keeping them out of direct sunlight.
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