Lace Front Wigs & Hairpieces for Women

Lace Front Womens Wigs

Womens lace front wigs are fashionable, versatile, and convenient. They are a staple for many women when they are styling their hair. Whether worn regularly as protective styles or thrown on simply to change up ones look, lace front wigs are used by women often.

Which textures of hair are available in lace front wigs?

Lace front wigs are available in eight hair textures.

  • Human hair is sought after when women want a more natural look.
  • Brazilian hair allows women to have the hair texture that Brazilians possess.
  • Synthetic options arent as smooth as human or Brazilian hair.
  • Straight hair has no curl pattern.
  • Natural or kinky wigs have an extremely curly curl pattern.
  • Curly wigs have looser, less thick curls than natural wigs.
  • Virgin wigs are made from the hair of Indian women.
  • Silky hair has a very silky, smooth texture.
How do capless wigs differ from hair pieces?

Traditional capless wigs are wigs that are made with open rows of wefts and solid lace tops on the sides and back to allow for better ventilation. A hair piece is simply an amount of weave that has been secured together to create an authentic-looking hairstyle. Examples of hair pieces are below.

  • Ponytails attach to the back or top of the head and give women the look of having a ponytail.
  • Wigs cover the entire head.
  • Toupees, or wigs, are hairpieces commonly used by men to cover baldness.
What are some reasons women would wear wigs?
  • Extend the length of hair: Ladies with short hair might put on a human hair wig when they want a lengthier look.
  • Change from straight to curly hair or curly to straight: Ladies want to switch up their looks from a curly hairstyle to kinky or straight. Wavy hair is also a possibility.
  • Cover up thinning hair: Women and men who have endured chemotherapy and lost their hair wear weave.
  • Protect natural hair: Human or virgin hair allow people to change the color of their hair without having to put any dyes into it. Colored or ombre weave allow women to be versatile while keeping their God-given tresses tucked safely away from chemicals or weather conditions.
  • Change up your look: Try out bangs for a day rather than cutting your natural hair and not liking it, or go from brunette to blonde, even just temporarily, with lace wigs.