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Landscape Paintings

Landscape painting is divided into representational, impressionistic, and abstract styles, with each having its own unique identity. Such paintings are generally of natural scenery, such as mountains, oceans, and meadow pastures. Add this kind of scenic artwork to your home or office to complement the decor.

How do you choose landscape artwork?
  • Decide the style that you like: Most people find that they prefer a particular style of art, such as impressionistic, representational, or abstract, over others.
  • Decide the size or dimensions: Think about where you will put the piece and what size will look best in that designated area.
  • Find a piece you love: You will want to enjoy the piece for a long time, so contemplate your options before committing to a painting.
What are the characteristics of Chinese landscape paintings?

The great age of Chinese landscape is characterized by strong black lines, dotted brush strokes, and monochromatic colors. These paintings are designed to capture the movement of nature with many featuring both mountains and water. Many paintings of this sort have an abstract feel.

What are the features of a Representational landscape painting?

Representational landscape paintings attempt to show exactly what the eye sees. Very seldom are people included by artists in paintings of landscape scenes. Weather, lighting, and timing feature prominently in most representational paintings of landscapes. Many canvas pieces of this style focus on unusual natural elements or features on the landscape, while others may offer a close-up version of something familiar that makes you understand its beauty.

What are the characteristics of Impressionistic landscape paintings?

Impressionistic art is usually painted on canvas in the open air, showing the impression that nature left to the human eye. Inspired by photography, these paintings are meant to capture a moment. Thick, short brush strokes with soft edges are visible techniques seen in this type of art. While paint colors are often applied side by side before drying to create more contrast, the colors also appear to blend more organically. The composition of this painting style features people in the landscape. You may also notice that the canvas is typically either white or light in color.

What are Romantic landscape paintings?

Artists working in the Romantic style aim to evoke an emotional reaction from their paintings of landscape scenes. Romantic painters portray how a landscape scene makes them feel at a particular point in time. Many feature animals as a prominent part of the landscape. These paintings often reveal the energy found in nature.