How to Choose Suitable Folding Cases for Your Tablet

Electronic devices are prone to accidents and your new iPad Mini 4 is not an exception. A leather folding case is a handy item to protect it from scratches and accidental drops while still keeping your screen clean. A folding case also enables you to add some personality to your Apple mini4.

What are the different types of leather folding cases available?

iPad mini cases vary in style and materials. The most popular types include:

  • Case/cover - These types of case iPads are armed with corner straps and engulf the Apple iPad completely. The cover will snugly hold your device in place, enabling you to mount your iPad mini and use it without having to remove the casing. Your device will automatically wake up once the front cover is flipped open. You will be able to make your device into a stand for viewing, reading, or typing.
  • Sleeve/ jacket - This type works similar to a pouch. All you have to do is slip your iPad mini inside, protecting it while on-the-go.
  • Skin - Skins are laminated vinyl decals that you attach to the back and front of your iPad. Some skins are made with genuine leather and embossed to emulate exotic prints, making your Apple iPad mini that much more enjoyable.

What features should I look for when purchasing a case for my eBook?

A folding case offers multi-angles that help erect a mini4 iPad or eBook for more comfortable usage. Before buying an iPad case, inquire about:

  • Your iPad mini dimensions - Most case covers are sold as "universal." For example, you can find a 10'' tablet sleeve or a universal 10'' e-reader case. The numbers here refer to the distance between the two opposite screen corners. Do not buy a sleeve that only fits "iPads" as there are five generations of iPads on the market. Select an iPad case that is designed for your specific model- in this case, iPad mini 4.
  • Lighting - This feature does not apply to tablets as they come inclusive of backlit screens. When it comes to eBooks, an excellent question to ask is- will I be able to read in the dark? Some iPad mini cases have a front-light screen, which enables you to read in the dark. However, some genuine leather iPad covers require an external source of light. You can either select a unique iPad mini case with a built-in light or purchase the two accessories individually; a case cover and a separate reading light.

How do I install my leather iPad Mini smart case?

  • Located on the left side of your smart cover is a silver surface with a rubber material.
  • Bring the silver surface close to the left side of your Apple iPad and let the magnets snap into each other - you do not need to align the magnets as they are automatic.
  • When done, fold the soft smart cover over to the front of your device and your iPad mini 4 cover is good to go.