Choosing Your Men's Leather Slide-On Sandals

For any man who doesn't like to feel like their shoes are constricting their feet during the summertime, slide-on sandals are a great option. These are easy to take on and off, simply by sliding your feet into and out of them. Aside from the traditional, sportier slides we've all seen younger kids wear, there are several other style variations that are appropriate for certain occasions.

What Are the Styles of Leather Slide-On Sandals?

  • Athletic.There are a few different styles of athletic sandals including flip flops, one-strap and a strappy hiking sandal. One of the most famous and well recognized of these sandals include the one-strap, slide sandal featured by brands like Adidas, Nike and Under Armour. Other aspects of athletic leather sandals include cushioned support, adjustable straps, and a molded footbed.
  • Casual.In popularity, casual sandals are a close runner-up behind athletic styles for most men. Flip flops are the main style in this category as they can cross over between business casual and athletic boundaries. Other casual sandal styles include multi-strap sandals and cross-over sandals. Many casual leather slide-on sandals may feature adjustable buckles or Velcro. Birkenstock, Reef, and Dockers have many casual style slide sandals.
  • Business.This style is tough to determine what shoe appropriately falls into this category and when to wear it, however, dressier leather slip-on sandals for men can look very classy. They tend to have clean lines with little embellishment to them. They have simple single or multiple straps along with a flat footbed.

What Types Are There?

  • Flip Flops.This style of men's slide sandal has a flat footbed, with a Y-shaped strap crossing over the top of your foot that can be either thin or thick.
  • Cross-over.Cross-over slide-on sandals usually consist of two thicker straps that cross over to form an X. Some sportier styles may have multiple thin straps crossing over to create almost like a web over the top of your foot, however most casual styles are the two-strap variety.
  • One-strap.These are the oldest and most popular style of shoe. They consist of a flat footbed that can mold to fit you, with support from a wide strap that goes over the top of the foot, leaving wriggle room for the toes. Athletic styles are the most common attributed type; however, many designers offer dressier styles to consider.
  • Multi-strap.Other more casual to dressier leather sandals have multiple straps ranging from two to four. On some styles of shoes, the fastenings can adjust to give some room in the sandal depending upon the size of the foot or arch.

For more information on sizing and measurements, see manufacturer site for details.