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Choosing a Windows 7 All-In-One Computer

When it comes time for an upgrade from a desktop or laptop, not many consumers take time to consider all-in-one desktop PCs. A Windows all-in-one computer combines the usability and features of a desktop with a greater consideration of space and form factor, and this gives Lenovo all-in-one desktops the most sought-after features of desktops and laptops in the same unit.

Why should I buy an all-in-one PC over a desktop or laptop?

There are plenty of reasons to purchase an all-in-one computer instead of a new laptop or desktop. Their unique features make them fit for users who need a larger screen area and performance potential, but also a computer that doesnt take up much space.

  • All-in-one PCs are still portable, although they are not designed to be used on the go. The internal components of the computer are attached directly to the monitor. Instead of having a monitor and a separate tower with the hardware in it, all-in-one PCs put it together.
  • The same parts and features that are available in desktops or laptops are used in all-in-one PCs. Intel processors, large SSD or HD storage space, and plenty of RAM can be found in todays all-in-one designs. Some also offer edge-to-edge touchscreen usability. Additionally, Windows 7 and other versions of Windows make using all-in-one computers familiar and comfortable.
  • Fewer parts mean that all-in-one computers are easier to set up. Plugging the unit in and turning it on is the only setup needed.

What features do all-in-one computers offer?

Available from many all-in-one PC manufacturers, there are varied configurations and designs that may fit different users needs. For instance, the ThinkCentre line of computers can be used by both casual Internet browsers as well as intensive business workers.

  • Intel processors are common and include the lower-end i3 family, the middle-ground i5 family, and the higher-end i7 processor family. Intel processors are also known for having multiple cores, which makes multitasking and task completion more efficient.
  • Storage is important to consider even if the PC will only be used for Internet browsing. Users planning to install multiple programs and modern games will want to look for larger hard drive or SSD storage options, with 50 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB HDDs and SSDs being common choices.

What does Lenovo have to offer?

Its one of the most prominent brands available in the technology market, and its laptops, desktops, and all-in-one PCs are known for their quality and performance.

  • HD graphics with accurate colors make PCs more appealing to those who enjoy watching videos, playing games, and working in graphic design.
  • Many budget-friendly options are available without sacrificing the availability of quality components and functionality.
  • Tech support and manuals are all easily accessible. Since the company provides technology for situations from light Internet users to large corporations, having support and valuable information available is important.

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