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Light and Motion Bicycle Lights and Reflectors

Having good visibility while you are out riding your bike can make you safer whether you are in an urban area or are out on the trails. You can equip yourself with Light and Motion bicycle lights and reflectors for an easier time seeing what is in front of you as well as enabling others to see you clearly. When you are equipped with proper cycling safety equipment, you can be more confident and secure.

How does lighting gear get mounted?

Lighting gear can get mounted in a few different ways. They come with adjustable straps that make for quick and easy attachment and detachment:

  • Handlebar: You can use the adjustable rubber mount to attach your bike light to your handlebars. You can also tighten the mount and loosen it by hand, so there's no need to carry tools. The one-size-fits-all approach means that the company's illumination products can be used for road, hybrid, and mountain bikes.
  • Helmet: You can also attach lighting gear to your helmet. The adjustable strap fits through the vents in a helmet and can be tightened for a secure fit.

A reflector can also be attached without tools. The mount is included, and it can go right below your bike seat.

What are the other safety features of lighting gear?

Visibility is key in the design of bike lights. Light and Motion made sure to include amber side lights on many of their models, allowing drivers, other bikers, and pedestrians to see you regardless if you're not approaching them directly. They also included an option for a slow pulse. If you're riding a bike during the day, you can turn on the pulse so that the flash will alert others to your presence. The reflector has a beam angle of 180 degrees, so people in many directions will know of your presence.

How strong is Light and Motion products?

You can ride the trails or around town in a range of weather conditions. The bike lights are waterproof to 1 meter, and they can be submerged at that depth for 30 minutes. They are powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries and include charging cables.

How bright are the lights?

If it is on the low end of the range, a cycling headlight such as the Vis 360 could have an output of 250 lumens, which could be a good fit if you are riding around a city. At the higher end, something could have 2,000 lumens of output, such as the Seca 2000. Most of the Light and Motion models have controls that allow you to choose high or low beams. If you are out on a single track in dim conditions, you can brighten your pathway. As you approach others on your bike, you can turn the settings down.

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