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Jeep Cherokee Locks and Hardware

The Jeep Cherokee was first introduced to the market in 1975. The line has evolved through five generations and continues production into 2018. With so much use, regular maintenance on your Jeep Cherokee locks and hardware is necessary from time to time.

What is the purpose of the Jeep Cherokee actuator?

The actuator powers the Cherokees automatic door lock. The actuator is another name for the motor inside of your vehicles door. This motor connects to the locking device and controls its movements with gears and cables.

How do you know when the Cherokee actuator is failing?

There are a few signs that let you know your car doors lock actuator needs to be replaced. One of them is a loud noise. If you hear a noise inside the door when you press the locks switch, it is time to get it serviced. When the doors locks begin moving up and down on their own, it can be a little unnerving. It just means that the actuator needs attention. If one actuator goes out, it can affect the locking ability of all the other doors. You will need to use the key rather than a remote device once the actuator has finally failed.

Why wont the Jeep Cherokee passenger door stay closed?

If youre noticing that your car door doesnt want to open or stay closed, there are a couple of door hardware areas you can investigate. First, the handles themselves could need replacing. If they appear to be in good working order, then the doors interior hardware needs attention. The door latch assembly is a critical piece of door hardware that keeps you and your items safe. This is one of the hardest working areas on your vehicle, and recognizing symptoms of worn hardware before it goes out completely will save you headaches in the long run.

How does the Jeep Cherokee door lock relay function?

Your Jeeps electronic relay sends signals to the door lock actuator. It is important to maintain the wiring in the relay in order to allow the locks system continued ability to operate smoothly. The motor wont receive the proper message when there is a short in the relays wiring. If the relay goes out, you should still be able to use the key to manually operate the lock; however, it wont function electronically.

What are the symptoms of a failing lock cylinder?

Your Cherokee will alert you with a few possible symptoms indicating that the door lock cylinder is failing. The cuts in your cars key are designed to precisely match the locking mechanism in the cylinders tumblers. They will not work properly if the cylinder hardware has slipped out of place. If you begin to notice that using your key takes effort, you may want to have your vehicle serviced. Signs include getting stuck or not operating the locking mechanism.