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Locks and Hardware for Jeep Grand Cherokee

The locks on your Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV are one of its most important features. Locks ensure that your Jeep and all of your belongings within are safe. When the locks and hardware for Jeep Grand Cherokee fail, it is important to fix them immediately to protect your property for insurance coverage and your peace of mind while you travel.

How do power locks work on the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Power door locks use an actuator to function. It is stationed below the doors latch on the Jeep and connected to it by a rod. The latch is also connected to the lock button at the top of the door. When the latch is moved up by the actuator, the outside door handle is reached by an opening mechanism. When the latch is moved down by the actuator, the connection between the outside door handle and the locking mechanism is dropped so the door cannot be opened.

When the Grand Cherokee door is unlocked, the door lock actuator receives power from the car for a prescribed interval. A series of spur gears moved by a tiny electric motor that functions as a gear reduction are the composition of the actuator. The final gear runs a rack-and-pinion gear set that is hooked up to an actuator rod, converting the rotational movement of the motor into the linear movement needed to manipulate the lock on the Grand Cherokee.

What locks and hardware are available for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Locks and hardware available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV include the following:

  • Door check straps: Created so they will not bend or break, check straps control the movement of your Jeeps door, so you are able to open it wide enough yet unable to fling it wide open unchecked.
  • Door latch assembly: The door latch assemblies manage your Jeeps locks and ensure the door remains closed while driving.
  • Door latch repair kit and reinforcement plate: Kits that allow you to repair your Grand Cherokees door and make the door latch area stronger without having body work done.
  • Hood release cable: Part of the mechanism that allows you to open the hood.
  • Latch rods: The utilities that connect the actuator to the latch and the latch to the top lock button on the car door.
  • Latches: Latches give you the ability to lock the doors of your Jeep Grand Cherokee to prevent unauthorized access from outside the vehicle.
  • Latch lock actuator: The motorized mechanism that operates the power door locks in your vehicles.
  • Rear liftgate hatch actuator: The actuator utility for the rear liftgate hatch of your Grand Cherokee.
  • Strike plate: The hook or bolt in each door of the vehicle is the door striker plate. The door latch catches on the striker plate when the door is closed for a snug fit.