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Jeep Liberty Locks Hardware

The Jeep Liberty is a compact SUV that was introduced as a replacement for the Jeep Cherokee and that has gone through two generations and comes in a Sport and Renegade SUV model. As vehicles are prime targets for theft, properly functioning locks are a must for preserving your Jeep and your valuables that you may have locked inside of it. When you need to replace locks, you can easily get Jeep Liberty locks hardware to continue to ensure the safety of your Jeep Liberty SUV.

What is a door lock actuator?

A door lock actuator is a hardware mechanism inside the doors of your Liberty that enables the user to lock and unlock the vehicle doors by pushing a button. In the Jeep Liberty, the vehicle door lock actuator consists of an electric motor, gears, and rods. On the Jeep Liberty, there are door lock actuators for the front and rear doors, the tailgate, and the fuel filler flap, and all of these can be replaced. In addition to verifying applicability for make, model, and year for the part you intend to purchase for your Jeep, verify that there is a door location match as well. Door lock actuators for one type of door on a Jeep will not work on another door, even if it is the same vehicle.

What if the key fob doesnt work?

If the key fob of your Jeep Liberty doesnt operate the door actuators, the problem is usually with the key fob and not the vehicle. To troubleshoot, first replace the batteries of the Liberty key fob. If the key fob still does not work after the batteries are changed, use another Liberty key fob if you have one. If the doors of your Jeep Liberty still do not respond and the actuator will not respond to pressing the interior door button, then it is possible that the problem is with the Jeep keyless entry system on the Liberty.

The receiver module may be failing to receive signals from the key fob or failing to send signals to the door actuator of the Jeep. This could be a problem with the module itself, with the fuse, or with the wiring connecting the components inside the Jeep. It is relatively simple to swap out a fuse to determine whether that is the problem. Otherwise, troubleshooting the electrical hardware is then.

What are possible causes of a door lock not working?

While you’ll quickly notice a non-working door lock on your Liberty, the causes are hidden within the mechanisms inside the door. The most likely explanation for a non-working door lock on your Jeep is a failure of the motor inside the actuator housing. If this is the case with your Jeep Liberty, the actuator will have to be removed from the door. The most common practice in the event of actuator motor failure is to replace the entire actuator with applicable Liberty hardware.