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Locks & Hardware for Lexus RX300

Lexus RX300 Locks and Hardware

Locks play an important role in securing the doors of your Lexus RX300 SUV. There are many options available when you need to find replacement locks and hardware.

What is a door lock actuator?

An actuator is installed inside each of the doors to your Lexus RX300. A door lock actuator consists of a motor connected to sensors and the electrical system. It locks and unlocks the doors when you use your key or key fob. When the doors are locked, they also prevent the doors from being opened when someone pulls on the door handle. An actuator coupled with other parts of your door locking mechanism play an important part in security.

How do you find a compatible lock and hardware?

Choosing replacement locks and hardware for your Lexus RX300 can be difficult with the many options available. Following these tips can help with selecting replacement parts.

  • Have the make, model, and model year of your vehicle at the ready. You can find this information on your car’s registration if you don’t know it off-hand. You can also utilize your vehicle’s VIN number to find compatible locks.
  • The parts for each of your doors will be different from each other. If you’re replacing all four, this won’t be an issue; with individual replacements, you will want to make sure that you’re getting the correct part.
  • Check to make sure that you have all of the hardware needed. This will include any clips or connectors needed to connect the actuator, wiring, latches, and other parts of your lock, like interior and exterior handles.
What should you look for when replacing the key fob?

Key fobs can help make entering your vehicle more convenient. There are several options available, and you can follow these guidelines to help in the selection.

  • Try to find replacement key fobs from the original manufacturer. This will help ensure that the replacement is compatible with your Lexus RX300. If you look for an aftermarket key fob, ensure that it can be programmed for your Lexus.
  • If you don’t have a spare key fob to find the part number, you can also use the VIN number to locate this information. This will help when comparing compatible fobs.
What companies manufacture locking mechanisms for your Lexus RX300?

If you need to replace the lock actuator in your Lexus RX300, there are several companies that manufacture replacement parts. For original equipment parts, or OEM, you will want to look at actuators from Lexus or Toyota. With OEM options, these parts are made by the same company that made the parts installed in your Lexus at the factory. OEM parts will be fully compatible with your RX300. There are also aftermarket options available. Some of the companies that manufacture actuators include Prozone, maXpeedingrods, OE+, and several unbranded parts. With aftermarket parts, you will want to make sure that the actuator will fit into your doors and function properly.