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Locks & Hardware for Mercedes-Benz ML320

Locks and Hardware for Mercedes-Benz ML320

Mercedes-Benz introduced the ML320 luxury mid-size SUV in 1998, and it was marketed through the 2003 model year. When a vehicle like this is still on the road, maintenance comes up from time to time. Some areas, such as the locks and hardware for Mercedes-Benz ML320, are on the front lines of use and may need attention.

What does the Mercedes-Benz ML320 actuator do?

The actuator on your Mercedes is located inside the cars door. The actuator is the electronic motor that controls the lock button. It includes the motor itself, some gears, and the cables that connect the motor to the locking mechanism.

What are the symptoms of a failing Mercedes-Benz actuator?

When your lock actuator begins to fail, there are a few signs that will let you know service is needed. One symptom thats hard to miss is a loud noise coming from inside the door of your vehicle when you try to operate the window. Another is the doors locks moving up and down quickly. You may have to use the cars key to lock and unlock the door. If the actuator in your Mercedes has failed completely, it will stop working entirely.

Will the same lock switch work on all model years?

Mercedes-Benz designed the ML320 to share common parts among all the model years between 1998 and 2003. The cars door lock switch is one of them. If the switch in your Mercedes doesnt always work, is broken, or has stopped working altogether, its time to replace it.

What does the Mercedes-Benz ML320 door lock cylinder do?

The cylinder inside your ML320s door locking mechanism is the series of tumblers that match the key. Theyre only installed on the vehicles front doors. If one of your cylinders has gone out, the key will not function properly. There are a few symptoms to watch for in this instance. If your key takes force to use in the door of your Mercedes-Benz, its not matching the locks tumblers. Other signs of needing attention include the key not turning or getting stuck in the cars lock.

What is the purpose of the relay in the Mercedes-Benz?

The door lock relay in your Mercedes-Benz ML320 is a piece of hardware that sends the signals the actuators. When the wiring of the doors relay isnt properly connected or is shorting, it wont send the proper information to the actuator. If this happens, you will notice that the locks either dont work, or only work part of the time. You will still be able to use the key, but the electronic system on your ML320 needs attention.