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Nissan Rogue Locks and Hardware

The Nissan Rogue is a crossover that is smaller than a sport utility vehicle but larger than a traditional car. Locks protect your Rogue from thieves and help you stay safer while driving. Locks and other accessories to upgrade or replace your original ones are available for all models of this AWD crossover, including the hybrid.

Do you need different locks for each Nissan door?

The Nissan Rogue is designed to use different types of locks and other components on each door. The tailgate on this vehicle has an actuator that works with a key and the power button system. You can unlock the tailgate with your remote or a button on the door. It will also unlock when you use your key. Power lock systems come with a power lift gate option, too. You use a button to lift and lower the gate. Front and rear doors, as well as those on the drivers side and passengers side, use different types of actuators.

Are aftermarket parts compatible with the Nissan Rogue?

Aftermarket parts, which are parts made by a manufacturer other than the one that made the factory-installed parts for your Rogue, can be found that are compatible with your SUV. This gives you the chance to customize your Rogue’s locks or change the way your doors work.

What is a lock actuator on a Nissan?

A lock actuator is essentially a small motor inside the door of your Nissan Rogue. It works in the same way that a window actuator does but controls the locks instead of the windows. It connects to the engine and a fuse inside your Rogue to get the power that it needs. The actuator works with the remote or with the switches on the door to let you unlock each door and open the tailgate.

What other Nissan accessories work with door locks?

In addition to new locks for your Rogue, youll find other accessories that work with your locks and doors.

  • Lock covers: This SUV features locks that stick up over the top of the door. You can slide that lock up and down when your buttons fail to work. If this piece breaks, you can replace it with a new lock cover.
  • Lock switches: You may need a new lock switch too, especially if your locks dont work with the buttons on your door. This switch fits inside the door and works with the buttons inside. Each button controls the windows or locks.
  • Cable latches: Both manual and automatic systems use cable latches inside the door. The latch is the piece that moves when you grab the handle to open the door.
  • Door panels: As your vehicle ages, you may find that the panel begins peeling away from the door. Nissan Rogue panels are available in different sizes for this model, and various types can accommodate speakers and other parts housed inside the panel.
  • Armrests: Attached to each door is a padded piece that acts like an armrest. An armrest keeps your arm at the right height and angle for comfortable driving of your Nissan.