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MTX 10 Inch Car Subwoofers

Getting to Know the MTX Audio Sub

The 10-inch sub by MTX is fitted for use in a car. This model is part of the 35 series by MTX and works with a high power reducer for managing distortion. The cone is engineered through inverted apex surround technology that minimizes movement for a smooth output of sound for your next ride through the city or on the open road.

What generates bass frequencies in a MTX speaker?

The bass sound of a subwoofer is produced by the lowest frequencies and decibels. Sustaining a low frequency produces a bass tone, and this tone is optimal at 60 Hz. The 20 Hz range is almost reaching the lowest levels that humans can hear. Levels at or below 20 Hz creates an effect that is felt more so than heard. That thrust-like sensation requires specific equipment that high-pitched tones aren’t supported through. The deeper tone consists of sound reinforcement that can be systemized through a subwoofer. These pieces of equipment are solely used for improving, peaking, and distinguishing the sub-bass tonal range and for allowing music to be carried further through a boost in bass.

What are some features for subwoofers?

These components are part of a subwoofer setup:

  • Managed sensitivity: Sensitivity, when related to the output of audio, deals with how well power is outputted for sound. This sensitivity rate allows low frequencies to obtain the right power when pushing through a cone of a subwoofer and without the equipment being overloaded with power. The 10-inch MTX uses sensitivity to manage sound as it is directed from an amplifier and into the loudspeaker, which is also known as the bass-producing subwoofer.
  • Bass frequency rates: The frequency rates of a subwoofer are versatile and cover decibels, watts, and ohms. The decibel level of any subwoofer doesn’t offer an exact measurement of bass tone. Decibels measure the change in sound. This means that human hearing is set at 0, as relative to the human ear, and any changes are counted through +1 or -1. This is important for the 10-inch sub as the frequency rates are controlled through a connected amplifier.
  • Hands-on portability: The MTX subwoofer is versatile because it can be positioned into a car’s rear or trunk area with dual capacity. Finding the right sound is about knowing the type of music or audio you want in your vehicle. Using two subwoofers also enables a larger dynamic sound. You can use dual subs for sound balancing.
Will the level of MTX bass frequencies change?

A change in bass frequencies is possible through the choice of music or audio entertainment you send through an output. This 10-inch subwoofer is designed to sustain low frequencies, so whatever passes through has a deep sound and texture. Amplifiers are used to bring your audio signal into a sub, but the sub is made to house tremendous power for low frequencies.

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