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Important Information to Know Before Purchasing a Mackie Mixer

If you are involved in live performance or recording musical acts, you know the importance of having a great mixer. Mackie has an entire line of world-class mixers available to fit the needs of any user. The following are questions you should know the answers to before purchasing a mixer on eBay.

Does Mackie make smaller mixers for smaller performance venues?

Yes. If you need a smaller mixer with some punch, a Mackie could be right for you. The company understands that everyone has different needs when looking for the right mixer, which is why they make a variety of different mixers. If you have simple needs when it comes to recording or mixing a live band, look into to a Mackie mixer 16-channel model. Even a Mackie mixer 8 channel model or Mackie mixer 4 channel model could be enough for a solo or duo act. These compact mixers are respected industry-wide and provide a list of features.

What are some of the features of a Mackie mixer?

On top of great sound quality, Mackie is known for providing a variety of special features in even its smallest mixers. If you are looking into a Mackie, check out these great sound shaping features.

  • Onyx preamps: Mackie is known for its world-class Onyx preamps. These preamps are included on each channel when you purchase a Mackie mixer.
  • Phantom power: Phantom power is required for certain instruments and any condenser mic used in a sound system. Mackie boards have built-in phantom power to accommodate the needs of any performer.
  • Rack mountable: Many of the boards are rack mountable, meaning they can be installed into a race. This makes them even more portable and cuts down on set up time at each gig.
  • Solid steel: These mixers are roadworthy thanks to their rugged steel chassis. They are almost impossible to damage.
What kind of inputs does a Mackie sound mixer have?

Making it simple to mix both instruments and microphones, you can use either the XLR or 1/4-inch input on each channel. This gives users tons of options and the ability to mix any kind of performing group. This is a standard feature on every Mackie mixer in the product line.

How do Mackie sound mixers put out such low-noise signals?

Thanks to the professional-grade preamps on each mono channel, the mixer has a lot of headroom. This means it will produce a clean noiseless audio signal from both microphones and instruments. This makes it a great option for a sound engineer mixing acoustic acts.

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