Metal Beds and Bed Frames

Metal Beds and Bed Frames

Metal beds are extremely versatile as they can be used with any style of decor, whether that style be traditional, art deco, or Victorian. Many bed frames made from metal come attached with a headboard, rails, and a baseboard, meaning all you have to do is add the mattress. Once you know what size bed you want, finding a metal frame that fits should be simple.

What types of metal bed frames are there?

There are three main types of metal beds:

  • Aluminum bed frame: Bed frames made from this metal are lightweight, as the aluminum is usually hollow. These frames may be desired by those who have to haul the bed up to a second-floor bedroom. The aluminum can be shaped into flowers, birds, and other complex designs.
  • Iron bed frame: Iron beds are often very ornate, though some have simple, understated designs. These metal beds tend to be heavier, so you may need another person to help move it. Some iron beds are left black while others are painted to match different types of decor.
  • Brass bed frame: Brass beds come in all sizes and designs, though four-poster beds are prevalent. These types of beds have been around since the Victorian era, so you may be able to find antique or vintage brass metal bed frames.
What styles of metal bed frames are there?

There are three main designs that are typically found:

  • Four-poster bed frame: Also called a canopy bed, this traditional bed frame features four poles that stretch up towards the ceiling. The frame stretches between the poles. If you are looking for antique bedroom furniture, this type may be what you are looking for.
  • Futons: These versatile pieces of furniture can be turned into a couch. They are often used in homes that have small bedrooms or that are short on space.
  • Square frame: This type of furniture is standard when it comes to brass, aluminum, or iron beds. The frame rests completely on the footboard and headboard.
What should you consider when looking for metal beds?

When looking for metal bed frames, you should consider these factors:

  • Color: Furniture made from metal is typically left in the same color as the main materials. However, some furniture may be painted in other colors, often white, to match the interior design.
  • Weight: Aluminum and brass are lighter materials, so if you move often, frames made of these materials may be more desirable.
  • Size: Most frames come in a variety of sizes, including king, queen, standard, and toddler sizes.