Micro torre PC de escritorio y computadoras Todo en Uno

Your Guide to Micro Tower PC Desktops & All-In-One Computers

If you want to pack as much computing power as possible into a limited space, you might fall in love with one of the micro PCs in this collection. What these computers lack in size, they make up for in processing power, and eBay can hook you up with a computer that will serve your every need.

Which brands make these types of computers?

Here are some examples of companies that make these miniature computers:

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Toshiba
What parts and accessories come with these computers?

While all of the computers in this collection come with power cords, they might not come with any other types of optional accessories. However, here are some of the accessories you should look out for as you sort through the listings:

  • Mice: Most of the mice that are provided with computers in this collection are standard mice, but they'll get the job of pointing and clicking done in style.
  • Keyboards: If a computer in this collection comes with a mouse, it will likely come with a basic keyboard as well.
Do micro PCs have optical drives?

Optical drives are commonly used to load software, play CDs, and watch DVDs, and some of the micro PCs in this collection set aside space for these types of computer components. In order to save room, however, some micro PCs may not have optical drives. To load data on these types of computers, you'll need to use a USB drive or download files over the internet instead.

How do you choose the right micro PC?

To make sure that you end up with a micro PC that you love, you'll need to take a variety of factors into consideration. Most computer users are interested in micro PCs for their slim form factor, and if you only have a certain amount of space to house your tiny computer, you'll need to make sure that the case of the PC you're interested in doesn't exceed these dimensions. Be sure to pick an operating system that you enjoy from the Windows line or from Linux. Also, you'll need to consider the computing power that you'll require to get tasks done. The more RAM you have, the more processes you can run, and the better the processor in your computer is, the faster you can run those processes. Lastly, you should determine whether you need a mouse and keyboard or just the PC itself.