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Mole-Richardson Lighting Equipment Illuminates Any Project

Mole-Richardson is a lighting equipment manufacturer based in Hollywood, CA, that has been making quality lights for the stage and screen for decades. They have been on the cutting edge of production lighting since 1927. You can find a huge selection of quality stage lights from Mole-Richardson for your next project on eBay.

What type of lighting should you use?

Mole-Richardson makes a wide variety of lighting options to help in almost any situation. As you determine what type of lighting you would need, think about the specific look that you like to achieve. You may need soft, warm tones or harsher blue tones. The other thing to think about is how much area you need to cover with lighting. Each style of production light has a different throw and pattern. Make sure as you set up your lights that you have enough lights with wide enough coverage to completely illuminate your desired area.

What lighting equipment does Mole-Richardson make?

The company was made famous for its use of tungsten lighting in stage productions. They also make a wide variety of daylight, LED, and fluorescent lights. Each of these has quality construction and is distinct with its maroon casing and prominent MR logo. The styles of lights that are available include, but are not limited to:

  • Fresnel lights
  • Par cans
  • Panel lights
  • Fays
  • Spotlights
How durable are Mole-Richardson lights?

Mole-Richardson lights have stood the test of time. If you look on eBay for lighting solutions, you will find Mole-Richardson lights that are still functioning from the early 1940s. You can be assured that you are getting a quality item that is sturdy enough to handle the rigors of a production environment.

How should you set up Mole-Richardson stage lighting?

This is very dependent on your stage size and orientation. Lighting designers create custom plans for each unique implementation. However, they all follow some basic principles. The first thing to consider is cross lighting. By making the beams of your lights cross at the stage area, you limit the number of unsightly shadows caused by the lights. The light from one side of your lighting rig erases the shadows caused by the other, and vice versa. Another thing to consider is the angle at which your lights shine on the stage. If the angle is too steep, it could cause dark spots under the eyes of the actors. If it is too shallow, it will be directly in the eyes of the people on stage.

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