Find Out More About Refill Kits for Printer Ink Cartridges

If your printer runs out of ink regularly, it may be a good idea to get a bulk refill kit. This will contain multicolor ink that is compatible with inkjet printers. An ink refill kit lets you produce bold and bright documents with your Lexmark, Canon, Epson or HP inkjet printer without having to purchase new color cartridges every time your printer runs out.

What is included in a ink cartridge refill kit?

You will need to carefully read the seller's details to see what is included in each multicolor ink kit. Most multicolor ink refill kits will contain one or more of the following options.

  • Black ink: This is the most commonly used ink color, so some kits may contain an extra bottle of black ink.
  • Cyan ink: Cyan will look dark blue in the bottle, but it prints as a light bluish green.
  • Magenta ink: Magenta ink is a deep pink or bright red shade.
  • Yellow ink: Yellow ink appears orangish, but it prints as yellow.
  • Syringes: Syringes may be necessary to inject the ink to refill the cartridge.
  • Needles: Some refill kits will have needles if the syringes do not have them.
  • Instructions: You can find kits that offer refill instructions for your ink cartridges.
How do you choose an ink refill kit?

To find the refill kit that works for your needs, you should carefully consider these factors:

  • Printer type: You may need to select options compatible with a certain brand of an inkjet printer, such as Lexmark, Canon, Epson or HP. Carefully read the cartridge to see what types of ink it will accept.
  • Particulate size: Refill inks with a smaller particulate size will be less likely to result in clogs while refilling.
  • Color options: Depending on how you use your printer, you may want a kit that contains a lot of blacks or any other color. Some photo printers may require you to refill unusual shades like dark cyan or light magenta.
  • UV exposure: If you plan on anything you print to be near the sun's rays, you may want a kit that is UV resistant.
How do you use an ink refill kit?

Putting fresh colors in ink cartridges is a simple task that just requires four steps:

  • Prepare the cartridge: Take the ink cartridges out of the printer and figure out if you need to remove the top or open a hole to access the area that requires a refill.
  • Ready the ink: Either attach a needle tip to the refill bottle or fill a syringe with the right color.
  • Refill the printer cartridge: Carefully inject each color into the right ink hole. The cartridge should have a label that points you to the correct spot.
  • Test the refilled cartridge: Run a test batch to make sure the refill is working before you try printing anything important.