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Nerf Bars and Running Boards for the Dodge Ram 3500

Nerf bars and running boards are a nifty safety enhancement, providing a slip-resistant step that helps you safely climb up into or exit your vehicle. They are also a smart way to accent or augment your trucks trim. Here are five common questions and answers about these products.

Why are running boards called nerf bars?

Running boards and nerf bars are considered interchangeable because they serve the same function. However, nerf bars are bar-shaped or cylindrical whereas running boards are flat and rectangular or board-shaped. There are also hybrid running boards that are roundish like nerf bars. The differences are purely aesthetic, and choosing between them comes down to your taste, the trim level, the color of your Dodge Ram 3500, and which shape feels better under your feet.

What quad cab bars and boards are available?

Nerf bars and running boards for your Dodge Ram 3500 are available in a variety of widths and lengths. Widths range from 3 to 6 inches, give or take an inch. For lengths, choose between cab-length or wheel-to-wheel. The dimensions of cab-length models vary between vehicles, with each roughly spanning the length of your cab. Be sure to measure the length of your cab first to find the cab-length model that corresponds to your steps. Wheel-to-wheel models also vary in length, but they run from the back of your front wheel to the front of your back wheel.

How are side steps similar to bars and boards?

Side steps are another name for nerf bars and running boards on your Ram 3500. There are also truck bars and boards with U-shaped attachments resembling stirrups, and the phrases "side steps" or "hoop nerf bars" sometimes refer to the U-shaped attachments or any nerf bars and running boards with these attachments. Side steps are bonded to the board or bar for stability.

Side steps, steps, or side step bars also indicate U-shaped attachments that you can mount on your Dodge Ram 3500 beneath the drivers door and the passenger doors in front and back of the cab on both sides.

What are nerf bars and running boards made of?

Stainless steel is a commonly used material for nerf bars and running boards for trucks. Other types of steel, such as carbon steel, which is sometimes called mild steel, and steel alloys are also common. You may also find nerf bars, running boards, and side steps made of aluminum, aluminum alloys, and aircraft-grade aluminum. Manufacturers prefer stainless steel and aluminum because they are abundant, lightweight, durable, and corrosive resistant.

What are the features, finishes, and colors to choose from?

Your options can include nerf bars and running boards with integrated lights that illuminate your way when you open your door. Other bars and boards are power-operated, extending and retracting automatically.

Most steps are available in black and silver as both colors are neutral. As for finishes, theres anodized, powder-coated, rubber, and ABS or thermoplastic. Beyond aesthetics, finishes on vehicle steps enhance traction and increase friction, preventing your foot from slipping sideways or off.