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Hummer H2 Nerf Bars Running Boards

Prevent slippage when you step into and out of your Hummer with nerf bars and running boards. In addition to enhancing safety, bars and boards also let you enhance or accent your Hummer H2s silhouette to suit your vehicle trim.

What are the choices of materials and weight capacities?

Capacities depend on the product, its construction, and how it anchors to your Hummer H2. Average weight capacities range from 300 to 500 pounds, and some capacities exceed these amounts. Bars and boards come in a wide range of materials, but steel and aluminum are most common. While nerf boards and running boards are used interchangeably, nerf boards are rounded, and running boards are flat.

You may encounter bars and boards made of stainless steel, carbon steel (mild), aircraft-grade aluminum, and aluminum alloys. Each material is extremely sturdy without being too heavy, offering years of reliable use.

Hybrid models have flat bodies and round ends that anchor to your Hummer H2. Nerf bars and running boards designed specifically for Hummer H2 come with customized brackets to accommodate mandatory rocker panels. Bars and boards are 3 to 6 inches in diameter. Available lengths include cab length and wheel to wheel. The former spans the length of your cab, and the latter stretches from the back of your front wheel to the front of your back wheel.

Are Hummer H2 side steps like bars and boards?

Some people refer to steps and side steps as nerf bars or running boards because they install laterally on your Hummer and help you mount and exit your vehicle. However, steps and side steps are a feature of nerf bars and running boards. Some resemble square or round stirrups. You buy them separately, or you can buy bars and boards that already have them integrated. If you buy them separately, you can mount them to your bars or boards, or you can mount them directly to the side of your vehicle.

Are there auto-powered or remote bars and boards?

There are power nerf bars and running boards compatible with the Hummer H2. They extend and retract either at the touch of a button or automatically whenever you open your Hummer door. Some models have integrated illumination, lighting the way for you as you exit and enter your vehicle in low-light conditions or at times of poor visibility. Similar to manual nerf bars and running boards, power models come with mounting hardware. They are also available in a variety of corrosion-resistant, weatherproof finishes, such as anodized aluminum and powder coating.