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What Gym Bag Should You Choose?

Those who go to a local gym or sports club on a regular basis find great use for a gym bag. It lets you organize your sports gear like shoes, clothing and other accessories into one compact bag. Making it a habit to gather your stuff into a gym bag prevents you from forgetting to bring your essentials and helps you avoid losing your stuff.

What Bag Should You Choose?

There are a number of bag designs you can keep and use according to need. Another way to organize your bag contents is to have a smaller bag or two inside your main duffle bag. Here are some options for your next bag:

  1. Duffle Bag. The classic duffle bag is cylindrical and usually cloth. It has a top closure. Many modern style bags are cylindrical and could be considered a duffle bag. The large capacity makes this bag a go-to carriage for sports items and such. This is useful for gym use. Nike makes duffle gym bags. One model is the Brasilia.
  2. Backpack. Like the duffle bag, the backpack is a classic style. You carry it on your back. The usual backpack design sports two straps that go over the shoulders. Campers, hikers, and athletes use this type of bag often. A backpack can sufficiently fit sports and camping items. Nike Elemental backpack is one example.
  3. Tote Bags. These are basic bags. Unlike the duffel, these may have no closure. A tote bag may be large but unfastened. It has sewn handles on the sides. You can use it to collect your wet towel and workout clothes after showering at the gym.

What Bags Are Good for Gym Use?

  1. Water-resistant duffel bags. The gym has wet surfaces. It's good to know that your contents stay dry no matter where you lay your duffel down. Be it in the shower room or at the sauna nearby, you won't need to worry.
  2. Multi-compartment and multi-pockets. A number of duffel and backpacks have these features. It is convenient when you can locate your eyeglasses, watch, wallets, headphones, and other small accessories with ease.
  3. Wheeled Backpack.  a rolling backpack helps take the burden off your back. A long, comfortable, and lightweight handle that slides out makes transporting your items a breeze. Roll your backpack to and from the gym with little effort so you can save all the energy on the exercise mat.

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