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Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Nikon DSLR Camera

With over 50 Nikon cameras available, you want to be very deliberate in choosing the one that will meet your needs and have you taking shots like a professional. Taking a few minutes to think about your personal requirements is a great place to begin choosing the right one. Along the way, you are likely to have many questions about Nikon DSLRs in comparison to other cameras.

What should you consider when choosing a DSLR?

Here are some factors to consider when selecting your camera:

  • Sensor type: CMOS, CCD, and FET-LBCAST are purchasable.
  • Format: Decide if full-frame or APS-C meets your needs.
  • ISO range: Consider the location of most of your photography.
  • Focus system: Decide how much control you want in focusing.

 What image sensors are found on Nikon digital cameras?

Image sensors capture available light coming through the lens to form an image without the use of a filter. Nikon makes units with three different types. Most have CMOSs that are designed to work efficiently while using less battery power and often providing higher burst speed-shooting capabilities. They also make bodies with CCDs offering more pixels, making them a good choice when the work is to be enlarged. Finally, the company made two camera bodies with FET-LBCAST, eliminating some dark noise.

What image sensor sizes are available for Nikon DSLR cameras?

Most choices in DSLRs are full-frame, so they provide no crop factor to the image captured on the memory card. They also make several bodies with APS-C that apply a 1.5X to 1.7X crop factor to the images captured by the lens. These bodies include:

  • D850
  • D810
  • D800
  • D700
  • D750
  • D1
  • D610
  • D660

What is ISO on a Nikon DSLR?

Faster ISOs are used to freeze the image in low-light situations like shooting an indoor sporting event and in museums. Many cameras have a sensitivity range of about 200 to 1,600 allowing picture takers to shoot in many different lighting conditions. Some choices like the D850, and the D810, however, have extremely low ISO numbers, allowing better image quality to be captured in bright light. Other DSLRs like the D500, D5, D4S, and the D750 have high ISO numbers, allowing better images to be captured in low-light situations.

What type of focus points are found on Nikon cameras?

Most Nikon cameras have three types of focus points, allowing the photographer to choose the one that meets their needs the best. These options include:

  • Single-focus: The photographer selects the focus point of a stationary object.
  • Dynamic-area: A photographer selects the focus point, but it automatically follows the subject if it moves within a small radius.
  • Auto-area: The body selects the focus point.
  • 3D-tracking: While the shutter release is pushed halfway down, the photographer chooses the focal point, but the images composition can be changed with the body automatically refocusing.