Northwest Airlines de colección

Northwest Airlines Collectibles

Northwest Airlines got its start in 1926. Today, Northwest Airlines collectibles include everything from luggage labels, vintage glassware, flight schedules, timetables, and model planes. They all bear the famous red and white logos of Northwest or Northwest Orient Airlines.

What is the history of Northwest Airlines?

Northwest Airlines took to the air with its first flight in 1926. Minnesota entrepreneur Colonel Lewis Hotchkiss Brittin founded this airline and made Minneapolis its home base. Northwest Airlines had many successful years as an internationally known airline until they finally merged with Delta Airlines Incorporated in 2008. Even after the merge, Northwest continued using its own name and brand until 2010. The last official flight for the famous airline known as Northwest was on January 31, 2010 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The merging of Delta and Northwest created the worlds largest airline. The company remained so until 2013.

Are Northwest and Northwest Orient Airlines collectibles from different airlines?

When Northwest became fully established as an airline with frequent transpacific flights in the late 1940s, they began an advertising campaign using the name Northwest Orient Airlines. They flew from the United States to Japan for the first time in 1947 and were the largest foreign airline serving Japan for many years. Some of the collectibles you find today have the Northwest Orient Airlines logo of a bright red circle with two white, curved lines drawn through.

Do Northwest collectible planes have red tails?

The model planes that are collectibles have the characteristic red tails. In its early history as an airline, Northwest Airlines flights carried United States soldiers and supplies through sub-arctic climates from their Minneapolis base to Alaska during World War II. Northwest painted the tails of their planes bright red for better visibility in harsh weather conditions. Due to their experience flying in these difficult conditions, the United States government made Northwest their main airline for international flights over the North Pacific Ocean.

What are some features of Northwest Airlines collectibles?

The classic Northwest Airlines logos have bright red colored letters that show up clearly on the white background, and a circle representing the compass surrounds the letter "N." There is a long list of collectibles for Northwest Airlines and Northwest Orient Airlines. An example of some Northwest Airlines collectibles includes the following:

  • Embossed luggage labels.
  • Rare, vintage Eiffel Tower lapel badges.
  • Vintage cordial glasses from first class flight.
  • Flight schedules and timetables from various years.
  • Lifelike models of aircrafts used in Northwest and Northwest Orient flights.
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