Store Your Camera in Style With an ONA Bag

Whether you prefer classic leather or canvas material, ONA bags allow you the ability to tote around your camera in a trendy bag. On eBay, ONA bags are available in different styles, shades, and materials. Here are a few tips to help you find your next ONA bag.

What types of bag styles are available through ONA?

There are several styles available via ONA, such as:

  • Messenger bag: The messenger bag features one strap that is worn over one shoulder and goes across the chest so that the bag is resting by your lower side. This style of bag is similar to what couriers use, which makes it quite spacious.
  • Small camera bag: The small camera bag resembles a small purse as it can hold a camera and small items such as extra memory cards or batteries.
  • Shoulder bag: The shoulder bag, also known as a sling bag, is a small bag that you wear on your shoulder. It is a bit larger than a small camera bag; however, it is smaller than a messenger bag.
  • Backpack: The backpack features two straps that you wear around your shoulders with the bag hanging off your back, evenly distributing the weight of the bag. ONA backpacks are spacious, just like ONA messenger bags.
Can you add inserts to your ONA bag?

Yes, you can add inserts to most ONA bags. Many ONA bags come with divider inserts so that you can keep your camera gear separated and organized. Depending on your camera, it might not be possible to fit a divider in the small camera bag. Dividers with pockets are a great way to store your additional batteries, chargers, and memory cards without getting them lost amongst your other gear.

How do you find the right ONA bag for you?

Finding the ideal ONA bag for you is determined by the size of your camera and your intended use. For someone always on the go, a spacious bag such as a messenger or backpack might be ideal, as you can store your personal items such as your wallet and keys while still having room for additional camera gear. If you have a small camera and not much extra equipment to bring while traveling, you might opt for a small camera bag or a shoulder bag so that you can store your phone and keys inside the bag as well. You can even use your ONA bag as a purse or backpack while your camera supplies are at home, so it is worth thinking about how you intend on using your camera bag before making the purchase.

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