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Making a Major Difference with PRS Electric Guitars

The way a guitar sounds is important if you’re going to play it with enjoyment. The sleek PRS guitar is an upscale guitar that provides fast inputs, simple pickups, and sturdy bridges to players looking for the right sound. The mixed use of paint also makes these guitars a sought-after item on eBay.

Does the wood of electric guitars matter?

Wood is used in electric guitars to develop tone at a consistent rate and to give a guitar its own sound. Sometimes, plastics are also. Affordable PRS guitars have a common theme of mahogany, which is a strong, dense wood that works to hold tone. Many of the traits PRS guitars are known for make them “upscale” instruments. They have all of the basic elements suitable for performers with active careers in music.

Making a clear statement out of PRS guitars

Used and lightly used PRS guitars hold a few common features that sustain the identity and sound of its luthier. Here are some of the specs to identify these guitars with:

  • Cutouts - Cutouts essentially extend the fretboard for a better reach on higher notes. Some cutouts are on the guitar’s top and bottom, while others are only on the bottom.
  • Vibrato bar - These are placed near the bridge as levers that you can toggle to warp the strings as you play.
  • Treated surfaces - Wood is a prized material for PRS, so these instruments get treated to seal the natural grain and sound.
  • Hollow bodies - Hollow bodies are still electric guitars but have an almost acoustic touch.
  • Painted finishes - Expressive PRS guitars are being painted in all color spectra for a wide list of options.
What kinds of guitars are available on eBay?

This luthier is relatively new to the market but has managed to create a large patent of choices. Here’s a better look at the new and pre-owned options available on eBay.

  • Silver Sky: This release was made in 2018 and became the prized guitar of musician, John Mayer.
  • Vintage: The Vintage series covers instruments that pick up from classic models of past music.
  • SE: This guitar is versatile and was introduced as a potential beginner’s model.
  • S2: Playing your music with a punk, rugged edge is possible with the S2 guitar.
  • Limited editions: Some guitars get made in limited numbers and for specific years only. Be on the lookout for those that can achieve live performances.