Patriot Memory 128GB USB Flash Drive

Choosing a 128 GB USB Drive

A 128 GB USB flash drive from Patriot Memory provides adequate memory for your portable data storage needs. While a 128 GB capacity drive is convenient, you must also see that the drive does not use an extensive amount of software to make the drive functional. Patriot ensures that its drives are lightweight regarding the software utilized.

What Is the USB Standard?

Take a look at the USB standard that your flash drive features. The drive may work with a USB 3.1 interface. This offers a bandwidth of 10 gigabits per second, thus providing a better speed for transferring data. The interface also uses less energy. You can identify a USB 3.1 plug by noticing the blue color on the flash drive port.

What Is the Housing Like?

  • The housing on a flash drive should be made with a sturdy metallic material that keeps the body of the drive safe. The Xporter and Magnum both use an aluminum body, for instance.
  • The housing should be strong enough to protect the data inside the USB flash drive while still being easy to use in many conditions.
  • The added shock resistance ensures the unit will stay active even after it is dropped.

What Is the Memory Like?

  • The memory supported by your flash drive will influence how quickly your unit can read or write data. A single-chip model like the Viper can read at 85 MB per second and writes at 65 MB per second.
  • Meanwhile, the advanced Supersonic has more memory chips on the inside and read data at up to 380 MB per second and write at 70 MB per second, thus offering a better speed.
  • The overall speed performance of the flash unit will vary based on the port that you are plugging the device into and how much memory on the computer can be dedicated to your USB flash drive.

What Are Other Key Features to Consider?

There are multiple additional things to consider when choosing a 128 GB drive:

  • Operating System Support: Consider a USB drive that can operate on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. Review the versions of the operating system of interest to you before buying your flash drive.
  • Port Cover: Some drives include a durable cover that goes over the port. Others are retractable models that allow you to move the main port in or out of the enclosure.
  • Backwards Compliance: Your USB drive should be compatible with older ports that use an earlier USB standard. This includes a USB 3.1 device linking to something that reads USB 2.0 signals. The transfer rate of the unit will vary based on the ability of the port to handle a certain speed.

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