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Peepers Reading Glasses

As we grow older, reading is no longer the easy task that it once was. You might find yourself needing a magnifying lens for such activities, and one of the best solutions is to get reading glasses. Peepers offers reading glasses that bring both style and functionality when working on something close-up.

What is presbyopia?

Optic lenses tend to harden as people age, and thus the focusing ability on objects that are close becomes impeded due to their inability to change shape. This condition is known as presbyopia and normally starts to show in your early- to mid-40s. Though it is normally associated with old age, presbyopia can occur in people of any age. Peepers reading glasses helps to rectify this condition by magnifying close images to reduce eye strain.

How can you tell if the glasses are right?

With reading glasses, you should be able to focus from a comfortable position. The reading distance varies from person to person. If you feel the need to pull the reading material back to a full arms length, then the glasses are too weak. On the other hand, if you find yourself reading from too close, then the glasses are too strong. Strong glasses should make you feel a pulling effect on your eyes. Weak glasses have the opposite effect.

What is the difference between OTC glasses and prescription glasses?

Over-the-counter, or OTC, glasses are usually made with + diopter lenses that magnify objects. They can be bought without seeing your optometrist. Doctor-advised glasses, on the other hand, are varied, and they are built to match the wearers eye lens. With a combination of either + or – lenses, prescription glasses are normally more expensive than their counterparts because they are custom-made to suit every individual.

When should you change your Peepers reading glasses?

You should have your sight tested once every two years. This not only updates your treatment, but it also helps identify any arising eye problems such as glaucoma. If your optician changes your medication, then your glasses will change as well. For over-the-counter reading spectacles, they are not usually custom-matched like their counterparts and can be changed anytime. They are easy to switch, and you can easily find a new pair online.

Do you need your sight examined before purchasing reading glasses?

It is not necessary to get examined every time you buy glasses over-the-counter. However, Peepers highly recommends that you go through a routine optical checkup annually as part of your full-body checkup. Make sure that you follow the correct guidelines on getting glasses of appropriate reading strength.

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