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Enhance Your Photos with Studio Props and Stage Equipment

Tell a compelling story with every image you capture! Whether you are a professional or amateur, you can use studio props and stage equipment to capture your photos. Browse through the huge selection of props and stage equipment for your studio on eBay.

What equipment is recommended for beginners?

Whether diving into professional photography or wanting to vamp up your inventory as a hobbyist, there are some essential items all photographers need to start out. These items include what's listed below:

  • A good camera: You don't have to go top of the line or super expensive to get a camera that captures quality images. You only need to look for one with high resolution and a decent digital zoom range.
  • Camera accessories: A camera bag, tripod, lenses, and memory cards go a long way in providing portability to your future photography projects.
  • Backdrops and props: While you don't need every backdrop and prop you can imagine, you should have a few backdrops and props for each style of photo you plan to take.
  • Studio space: Create a space solely for your photo shoot sessions where you can have easy access to all your equipment.
What backdrops and props should every photographer have?

As a beginner in photography, strive for at least a small inventory of backdrops and props for your photography setups. Studio props designed for newborns are nearly a must-have for all photographers as they offer a comfortable, calming spot to pose babies naturally. You will also want a furniture prop or two for older children and adults to sit, lay, or lean against during creative poses. Also, when starting out, it is best to have at least an indoor and outdoor scenery backdrop as well. If a holiday approaches, you may also consider getting a backdrop specific to the holiday so that you can feature holiday scenery photos.

How do you use photography props?

There is no right or wrong way to use studio props, but there are some ways that are better than others. When used correctly, photography props help clients feel at ease and aid you as a photographer to capture a compelling story with each image. A prop should always complement the subject of your photo without overshadowing it. Experiment a lot with different props and various poses, too. Start out by having your model pose in one manner with the prop and then lead them to some fun poses, using the prop in less conventional manners. You might consider having your model hold an umbrella in the typical fashion and then behind their head laughing and then slightly covering a portion of their face. With a healthy dose of imagination, you can capture unique images in no time.

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