Plastic Boat & Ship Toy Models & Kits

Plastic Boat and Ship Toy Models and Kits

If you have ever been interested in owning a toy boat, then building a boat from a model kit might be of interest to you. These styles of toys are constructed by assembling multiple parts together to form a completed model. Manufacturers have designed a variety of boat model kits for collectors and builders that represent both real-world subjects and imaginary crafts.

What sizes are buildable toy boats available in?

Model kits come in a range of sizes called scales. Smaller boat subjects are available in scales of 1:35 or larger. A large boat will often be represented in smaller scales that make these subjects easier to build and display. The 1:2400 and 1:2500 scales are often used for tabletop wargaming. Some of the more prevalent plastic model kit scales include:

  • 1:1250 - A scale that is populated by larger capital ships and ocean liners
  • 1:700 - A scale used by Japanese companies for a large range of capital war ship subjects
  • 1:350 - This scale is used for Japanese boat models that are full-hulled with increased detail
  • 1:250 - A scale that Heller is known to produce ships in and also a growing range of WWII ships from other companies
What are the details of the toy Titanic by Minicraft?

The toy Titanic luxury liner manufactured by this company is a kit that is produced in 1:350 scale. It is made from injection-molded plastic and is assembled from 454 parts. This toy includes 37 photo-etched metal parts in the deluxe version of the model kit. There is a water slide decal sheet included as well. The parts are molded in different colors for the builders who do not paint their completed projects. A large instruction booklet lists each building step in order with pictures used for clarification.

Are accessories and upgrade parts available for detailing ship kits?

A variety of upgrade parts are available in a variety of materials, including metal and resin. These upgrades include deck components, railing or rigging details, and weapon upgrades. Additional accessories cover a range of fighters and jets, crew members, and additional weapon systems. These additional parts may come pre-built or may require assembly to complete.

Are kits available that represent ships from older European civilizations?

Yes, there are. Ships representing Greek warships like the Trieme have been produced. Another subject representing ships from ancient civilizations include the Roman warship produced by Academy. A variety of Viking ships have been produced in multiple scales as well. Kits have been released that represent galleons from the Spanish Armada as well as many historical sailing ships used for conquest and exploration. Many pirate ships, both historical and legendary, have also been produced through the years.