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Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Dress Shirts

Polo Ralph Lauren men's dress shirts come in a variety of materials, fits, and styles that can be worn in several settings. Men's dress shirts can be dressed up with suit jackets and ties or dressed down with jeans and khakis for weekend wear. These dress shirts are staples in the wardrobes of many men.

What types of dress shirts are available from this brand?

Ralph Lauren makes men's dress shirts in a variety of styles, cuts, and colors. The most common types of dress shirts are:

  • Oxford: Named for the university where they were once standard wear, these shirts are made of thick woven cotton. They may be short- or long-sleeved. They are available in colors including pink, blue, and white.
  • Polo: A polo shirt is generally knit from cotton or a cotton-poly blend. Traditionally, it's worn while playing golf, tennis, and other sports. It's dressier than a tee and less formal than a standard dress shirt. A polo shirt features a collar and generally features buttons on a placket near the neck. These shirts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Standard dress shirt: Dress shirts are generally made of woven cotton cloth. They feature a collar and usually have long sleeves. Long sleeves may fasten with buttons or feature French cuffs that require cufflinks.
What are some materials used in these dress shirts?

Ralph Lauren uses both natural and synthetic fibers in constructing men's dress shirts. Buttons are made of plastic.

  • Cotton: High thread-count cotton is the most common material used in these dress shirts.
  • Blends: Sometimes cotton is blended with polyester in these dress shirts. Polyester is a lighter weight material than cotton, and it dries quicker.
  • Silk: A natural fiber, silk drapes well and breathes. It's also sometimes used in this brand's dress shirts.
What collar types are available?

Ralph Lauren has three collar types for its standard dress shirts. They are:

  • Point: This type features points that are close together when the collar is buttoned closed. They point downward more than they do outward.
  • Button-down: This type of collar features buttonholes. Buttons on the shirt itself are used to anchor the collar. This is very common in Oxford shirts. The collar is able to accommodate a tie of standard width.
  • Spread: A spread collar features wide points that are angled to go out, not down. Spread collars are a newer collar type than point and button-down versions.
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