How to Choose the Right Printer Ink Refills

You are making what seems like hundreds of copies for your boss when all of a sudden, the text becomes lighter and lighter because your trusty HP printer has run out of ink. It's always a wise idea to keep refills on hand to remedy this situation, so you can get right back to printing within minutes.

What Are the Types of Ink Refills?

When you think of ink, you typically don't imagine that there are several types when it comes to refilling your HP printer, but there are. Selecting the right type depends on several factors, including personal preference as well as the type of HP machine you have.

  • There are ink cartridges, which you insert into your HP when it runs low on ink. To cut costs, you can purchase refill ink to fill up a cartridge and avoid buying new ink cartridges for your printer. 
  • Refill bottles come in assorted shades of ink and allow you to refill the ink itself for many printer types, including HP inkjet or photo printers. 
  • You can purchase a refill kit, which has everything you need included to get your printer running again.

What Comes in a Printer Ink Refill Kit?

Purchasing an inkjet refill kit or a refill kit for an HP laser printer is a relatively effortless way to refill your printer's ink without having to run out and buy new ink cartridges, and an ink refill kit comes with several necessary components. 

  • A kit comes with refill bottles of ink. You can purchase black ink or other colors, including cyan, magenta, yellow, or tri-color ink.
  • An ink refill kit comes with syringes that let you install the assorted colors of ink inside your cartridge without spilling ink everywhere.
  • Some kits come with gloves to wear while you refill your cartridges because when ink gets on your fingers, it can be difficult to get it off.

How Do You Choose the Right Printer Ink?

Looking at cartridges and refilling supplies for your inkjet printer or laser printer can be daunting. There are a few factors to consider as you purchase the right supplies for your device.

  • Check the model of your printer. Each refill kit will be compatible with certain HP model lines and specific model numbers. An example of a model line would be the Deskjet, the Officejet, or the Photosmart, and the model number would look something like D1660, HP 920, or HPI-7016D.
  • Determine whether your model uses toner cartridges and ink cartridges, or just ink cartridges. This will determine if you need an ink cartridge refill kit or a toner kit as well.
  • Decide whether you want to purchase specific colors of ink individually or as a set. You won't need colored ink if you are only printing in black or grey, but if you're using a color printer, a set that includes colored ink is the most efficient way to go.