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What You Should Know About Pro Audio Studio Monitors

While regular speakers boost and cut frequencies to make all styles of music sound good, monitor speakers accurately reproduce sound using a flat-frequency response. This allows you to listen to music exactly how it was mastered or create songs without any bias from the speakers. There are many affordable pro studio systems to choose from on eBay.

Some notable features of pro audio monitors

There are some key features in a professional system that you should look for. These features ensure that you'll get the most out of your monitors without compromising audio quality or longevity.

  • Accurate frequency-response curve: Perhaps the most important feature of monitors is the frequency response curve. This curve shows exactly how the system will portray that frequency. If this curve strays from a flat line, except at extremely low frequencies, where subwoofers are necessary, then the devices are not accurately representing frequencies as they should. Look for monitors that reach down to near-sub-bass frequencies and up to high-end frequencies without struggling.
  • Well-constructed cones: Make sure your speakers' cones are made from high-quality materials that won't degrade over time.
  • Multiple input sources: Because they are meant to work with soundcards and audio interfaces, it's a wise choice to look for a rear side that allows for multiple input sources. Different audio interfaces will only output sound via certain wires, so not having that input type can lead to some issues with sound quality.
What can you use audio studio monitors for?

Professional systems have a few main uses, but they can be used for nearly anything that regular speakers are used for. Some main uses are:

  • Mixing and mastering: Producers need to listen to their songs on monitors in order to accurately mix them for publication. Without accurate frequency response, songs could appear quiet and messy.
  • Recording: When pro or amateur producers and musicians are in the studio, they need to hear their takes from recording clearly to understand what they need to improve on for the next recording. These setups provide clear audio necessary to produce better recordings.
  • General listening: If you want to hear true representations of what bands recorded and how audio engineers produced and mixed songs, then a pair of high-quality monitors is a good idea. By not boosting or cutting certain frequencies as you would with regular speakers, you'll hear exactly what the tune is meant to sound like.
How do you use pro audio studio monitors?

These speakers usually come with the plugs necessary to power them up, but you'll likely need to get the cables and sound cards that are needed for the devices to play sound. Once you have the correct cables and a nice audio interface purchased and set up, connect the cables to your speakers before powering them up. Once you have the cables connected, turn on all the other parts of your system. Finally, turn on some of your favorite tunes and slowly raise the volume to a comfortable level. If you're not hearing much low end, you may want to add a subwoofer as well.