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Profile Design Bicycle Handlebars

Profile Design makes all types of handlebars for a variety of cyclists. Profile Design offers several types of handlebars, ensuring that bike riders of all skill levels can find a style that suits their needs.

What types of handlebars does Profile Design offer?

All of the brand's styles are designed for time trial and triathlon riders who want to improve their aerodynamic profile. The handlebars include the following:

  • Drop bars: Drop bars are a classic road racing bar option. Profile Design styles are ergonomic and provide riders with the control they need on a long race. Several drop levels are available, ranging from shallow to deep.
  • Aerobars: Aerobars are extensions that are mounted on top of traditional bars. They allow riders to lean forward, which minimizes wind resistance. Profile Design aerobars are built to be easy to use, and people can simply clip them on their bikes and start pedaling. The brand's integrated and clip-on aerobars allow for natural hand positions, and they're constructed out of vibration-minimizing materials.
  • Base bars: Profile Design also makes base bars, which can be used instead of classic drop bars. Aero extensions are clipped onto these base bars instead, which can result in an even more aerodynamic cockpit. They result in less wind resistance.
What are Profile Design handlebars made of?

Profile Design products are designed to be fast, and the brand only uses materials that optimize road racing performance.

  • Carbon: Carbon options are lightweight, which lowers the overall weight of the bike. Carbon is also extremely malleable, which means that it can be transformed into a wide variety of ergonomic bar shapes. Carbon can be more fragile than aluminum alternatives, however, which makes carbon bars better options for athletes with experience caring for bike parts.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a common material when it comes to cycling materials. Riders new to the world of racing can't go wrong with well-designed aluminum bars.
What handlebar accessories does Profile Design offer?

Sometimes it isn't enough to equip a bike with an excellent road racing bar system. Extra accessories are needed to provide an extra degree of performance. Profile Design also offers the following accessories:

  • Aero armrests: Profile Design's armrests and arm pads are made of foam and anti-microbial materials, and they're designed to give riders an extra layer of cushioning for training and racing situations.
  • Aero brackets: Riders who want a unique arm pad mounting solution may appreciate Profile Design's bracket kits, which allow riders to personalize their mounting system.