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Tackle Your Plumbing Project with RIDGID Pipe Threaders, Taps, and Dies

With the right pipe thread machines, taps, and accessories from RIGID, you can easily tackle your next pipe fitting project. eBay has a large array of premium tapping, cutting, and forming tools to help you cut and renew both external and internal threads. Choose from die heads, threading machines, ratcheting thread equipment, portable electric pipe thread machines, and more in our expansive inventory.

What is a threading machine?

The machine is used to thread plumbing pipes so they're able to connect properly together. Thread machines make it possible to get precision cuts and threads at both ends of a pipe, and they can be used to create custom-fitted string outlines for unique plumbing projects. Many types of thread machines are easily portable, and the machines typically come in automatic and semi-automatic models. Each model features a wide array of capacities. Regardless of the model, in most instances, thread machines are able to do the following:

  • Ensure uniformity while making threads
  • Provide the exact same threads at each end of a pipe
  • Create user-specific thread patterns
  • Execute tasks quickly and efficiently
What are some of the benefits of RIDGID threaders?

RIDGID is committed to producing top-quality thread machines, dies, and other accessories with convenient features that make the threading process more productive. Durable materials used throughout the entire construction process ensure increased performance and longevity. Most plumbing and thread tools come with full lifetime warranties against factory defects. Just a few of the benefits of RIDGID threaders include the following:

  • Increased oil reservoir for longer uninterrupted productivity
  • Ergonomic controls that enhance efficiency and reduce user fatigue
  • Generous top cover area that keeps supplies and tools handy
  • Reinforced jaws that provide extra grip for work pieces
  • Commercial grade oil housings that maintain equipment safety
What are some of the features of RIDGID thread machines?

Whether you're a plumber who's working on a massive construction project or a home improvement expert who frequently handles extensive plumbing repairs, the right threading equipment can help you cut and thread your own custom pipes. Whatever your next job entails, RIDGID thread machines include everything that's necessary to complete your project with greater ease and precision.

Thread machines are designed to handle a significant volume, and many RIDGID machines include cutting wheels, die sets, reamers, and foot switches. You can also purchase power drives as well as every accessory you'll need for threading and plumbing installation projects.

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