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Ford Focus Racks

The Ford Focus is a compact car that handles easily. Getting and installing the right rack lets you enjoy more space inside. You will also have all the roof that you need for luggage and anything else you want to take on trips.

How do you choose a rack?

As the Focus is small in size, so you will not find models designed for rear installation. You will find plenty of Ford roof racks from manufacturers like Yakima and Thule. Finding one that will fit your Focus requires a few considerations, including:

  • Material: Look at the material used in its construction first. Anodized aluminum is one option, but others use another durable type of steel or another metal. The metal should be strong enough to support the weight of your bags and equipment. Additionally, it should not be so heavy that it causes your roof to cave in.
  • Size: Depending on the size of your Focus, you may want to verify the products overall size, especially the length. Choose one short enough that it will still allow you to see out your back windshield.
  • Vehicle design: The design of your car can determine the type of roof rack that will work for you as well. If your Ford Focus does not come with rails already attached, you will need to look for a kit that comes with those rails.
  • Weight capacity: Looking at the weight capacity tells you exactly how much weight it can hold and support. This is especially important when carrying a large number of bags or sports equipment.
What are sport models?

Thule, Yakima, and other companies make sports models designed for sports enthusiasts. These racks will fit on the roof and stay out of your way and provide you with loads of extra space. While some designed for carrying a smaller boat like a kayak, others have room for a kayak and a few bags. You will also find those designed for transporting skis, snowboards, surfboards, and canoes. Thule, in particular, makes many options suitable for use on a Ford Focus.

What is a cargo box?

A cargo box is a closed off roof rack. These attach to your Focus via the rails already in place or those you put on yourself. The box also has a base and a lid that snaps shut to protect anything placed inside and some have a lock on the front or space for adding your own lock. This keeps others from getting inside and stealing from you when you are away from your Ford.

What is a universal model?

You also have the option of installing a universal rack on your Ford from companies including Yakima or Thule. These racks sit on top of your Ford Focus and can carry any of your belongings safely. Universal models are easy to install and come with mounting hardware.