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Ralph Lauren Men's T-Shirts

Looking Classy and Stylish With Ralph Lauren Mens T-Shirts

Since 1967, Ralph Lauren has offered a distinctive brand of mens, womens, and childrens clothes, shoes, and accessories. This company features a style that is distinctly American with a broad collection of products that fit every lifestyle. You can find affordable new and secondhand Ralph Lauren mens T-shirts on eBay.

What styles of mens T-shirts does Polo Ralph Lauren offer?

Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirts on eBay come in options like long and short sleeves, stripes and solids, V-neck and crew neck, cotton and jersey. Some styles and sizes of different T-shirts available may include the following, but see the manufactures site for specific details:

  • Polo Classic Fit Cotton T-Shirt: This T-shirt is available in different striped color options as well as solid colors like black and white. You can typically find it in sizes XS-XXL.
  • Polo Custom Slim Fit Cotton T-Shirt: The slim fit T-shirt comes in solid colors, stripes, or with the Ralph Lauren logo. It is also available as a long sleeve T-shirt.
  • Polo Active Fit Performance T-shirt: This active T-shirt is available in both long and short sleeve. You can select Windsor heather or black. Sizes range from XS-XXL.
  • Polo Custom Slim Fit Hooded T-Shirt: The slim fit T-shirt comes with a hood. It comes in charcoal gray, coral red, armadillo, vintage heather, and black. It is available in sizes XS-XXL.
  • Cotton Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt: The V-neck T-shirt comes in stripes or in solid colors like black, red, and white. V-neck undershirts are also available. V-necks come in sizes small to XXL.
  • Polo Custom Slim Fit Jersey T-Shirt: Polo offers Jersey T-shirts in solid colors like navy blue, black, and white. They also have a Jersey hoodie available.
  • Polo Waffle-Knit Cotton T-Shirt: This long sleeve waffle-knit shirt is available in red or blue stripes. It comes in sizes XS to XXL.
How do you choose the appropriate size?

Ralph Lauren T-shirts on eBay range from extra small to big 4X. Because these sizes may differ from the shirt sizes of other brands, its important to ensure you take the correct measurements and choose the corresponding size when shopping on eBay. For T-shirts, youll want to measure your chest, neck, and arms. To measure the chest, wrap a fabric tape measure around the fullest part of your chest, underneath your arms, and around your shoulder blades. The neck should be measure around the middle, where the Adams apple is located. To determine sleeve length, measure from the point of your shoulder to the point where youd like the sleeve to end, keeping your arm bent with your hand on your hip.

What does the pony mean on Ralph Lauren mens shirts?

The pony emblem on Ralph Lauren mens shirts is the brands signature logo. The logo originally started out on the cuff of womens shirts, but it was moved to mens shirts as it gained popularity.

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